23 People Who Let Honesty Be Their Policy

Ignorance might be bliss, but at some point, we all seek out the truth.

If you happen to be Plato, then you might just spend your whole life searching for it (don’t quote me on that — it’s been a long time since Intro to Philosophy). Little did he know, the only place he needed to look was about 2,500 years into the future and on the internet to find those nuggets of truth!

Just be careful to avoid the fake news…

1. Success is relative, after all

2. You might call him Darren, but he has another name

Twitter | @_rozap

3. That’s a very accurate description

Instagram | @savagerealm

4. You asked for it

5. Let’s be honest…

Twitter | @ericsshadow

6. Your transparency is appreciated

7. They’re not wrong

8. “Random” should be in quotation marks

9. I wish I had this kind of insight at such a young age

Instagram | @yearbooktweet

10. For real, though

Twitter | @ethanissavage

11. There’s no need to pretend

Reddit | mhaydar

12. This is the kind of honesty we need more of!

13. All you lightweights understand

Reddit | fentonthehuman

14. And don’t forget it!

Twitter | @BR1lliant1

15. The truth isn’t always pretty

Twitter | @Jenknextdoor

16. Yes Gordon, YASSSS!

Twitter | @GordonRamsay

17. Usually the honesty on Tinder is a little more crass

Reddit | modest811

18. People need to stop being so judgmental

Instagram | @commentawards

19. What’s the point in being subtle?

Reddit | eirttik23

20. Hmm…I see where this is going

21. We always teach kids to tell the truth…

Instagram | @jackielyn223

22. Alison is a frigging gem. You should be so lucky

Reddit | BenZoobs

23. I’m not sure what this person is trying to communicate, but I’m certain it comes from the bottom of their heart


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