23 People Reveal Their Best Code Words For Masturbation


Burb that worm and flick that bean. Before you start this list, count in your head how many different terms you can think of. I was surprised at how many I could get to. I fucking suck.

The great users of Reddit know a lot of burping the worm and flicking the bean. They compiled a list of the best code names and phrases for Masturbation.

1. Private Johnson’s dishonorable discharge
2. Manhandle the Hamcandle
3. Clearing my head.
4. Shaking hands with the unemployed.
5. Hand-to-gland combat
6. Distributing some free literature.
7. badgering the witness
8. Clearing the snorkel
9. Making a map of Hawaii.
10. Forming the Aleutians
11. “having a stroke” sounds like a very British way of saying it
12. Playing the clitar


13. Protein shake.
14. Playing the ham banjo.
15. 5 vs 1
16. “Sacrifice of the Unborn” is pretty good.
17. Making the bald man cry
18. Double clicking your mouse
19. Feeding the geese
20. Running 30 miles on a Fitbit in 4 minutes

21. Dialing 0 on the little pink telephone.
22. Going on a date with Jill
And finally!
23. taking grandma to Applebee’s


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