23 People Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Know

23 People Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Know –

As a professional in the death care industry one fact I learned is suicide is more likely before the holidays and just after them just before spring. This is due to people who can’t bear to feel how they do for one more holiday they just can’t put on the mask of “being well” anymore and for the post-holiday deaths, they just wanna give there loved ones some more happy time before it’s gone. Or don’t wanna ruin the holidays by their actions. So please keep an eye on your loved ones being unwell is not always hard to spot sometimes all it takes is one good deed for a total stranger to change and save a life. -zackepitaph

Bed bugs can impregnate another bed bug by injecting their penis straight into their abdomen,

if the victim happens to be male, that male will now be impregnating another female with another male’s sperm -bootbootyrockn

The Turritopsis Dohrnii jellyfish is officially known as the only immortal creature in the world. -thaddeusaur_nom

Really bad shit can be happening right next door to you, yes even in your neighborhood! -dfdjavy

The total weight of all the ants on the planet is greater than the total weight of all the humans on the planet. -theotherdlr

If you’re attacked by a bear it won’t try to kill you like other predators would, it’ll just start eating. -bandido_chris

Full time hair dressers eat 5 pounds of hair a year. -scissordolly

We are always at least 4 feet from a spider at all times. -kdaylow34

Electric hand dryers blow poop dust all over your freshly washed hands. -rolandjuicebishop

The human body can’t metabolize meth, so it comes out in urine, if you run out said meth, you can drink your meth piss and get high.
Look up on YouTube “this isn’t happening – meth piss” -rolandjuicebishop

If you are alone in the woods and the crickets stop cherping… You’re not alone anymore. -youneedtorelaxbro

Every hand you’ve ever touched has had a wiener in it at some point. -alex.grizzle.1

If you ever fall through the ice and can’t find your breakthrough spot, there’s about 1-2” of air between the top of the water and ice layer. -alynnlala

Females giraffes when ready to mate piss in the male’s mouth to let him know. -yingling11

When someone is buried in a metal casket, their body liquifies inside over time and turns into a toxic sludge. –

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Not only can I not tell you the creepiest thing I know, I can’t remember it. I’ve successfully repressed it and hidden the knowledge deep in my mind next to the.. the…


On that last note… there is a growing issue with graveyards and contaminated water run-off.
It’s not always necessary to embalm a body, especially if they are going to be cremated. The cocktail of chemicals used are no good for groundwater and plants, and makes it more difficult for your body to be absorbed back into the ecosystem.
What embalming DOESN’T do is preserve your body. The corpse WILL rot, just into a toxic sludge instead, and maybe a few more months down the track than an un-embalmed one.
Mausoleums counteract this issue with the usage of valves and drainage systems, so that people walking through don’t come into contact with said slurry.
Just saying.

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