23 People Reveal The Creepiest Ways Someone They Knew Died

23 People Reveal The Creepiest Ways Someone They Knew Died –



Though death already seems relatively unpleasant as a general rule, dying in a creepy way definitely makes the experience a whole lot worse. When people die in creepy ways, you start to wonder what exactly went through their minds during their last moments. Dying in a freak accident only gives the victim a limited amount of time to process their own mortality, and the idea of your mind going black before you even register what’s happened sounds like a terrible way to go. The unusual ways people die serve to remind everyone of the thin line between life and death, and that creepy deaths aren’t all that uncommon.

In fact, weird deaths happen all the time, with enough frequency that Reddit started a thread surrounding strange and creepy ways people have died. Reading the accounts of people who died strange deaths is just as fascinating as it is extremely terrifying. By the time you finish reading, you’ll want to buy yourself a helmet, install guard rails onto your bed, and literally never come within 20 feet of any automobile ever again.

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