23 People Who Saw An Opportunity And Took It


1. This teacher is clearly everyone’s favorite.

#4 is a big ask, but SOMEONE’S got to do it.

2. This person who clearly has a future in comedy.

But really, is that car okay?

3. This master of puns.

You simply can’t turn away from an opportunity like

4. This girl who made a Dairy Queen joke.

Guess I don’t have to go to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard any more…” YAS GIRL! There are not enough Dairy Queen jokes, to be honest.

5. Maybe it’s more than just horsing around.

See what I did there? Do you get it? Because they’re horses?


6. This person who has reached peak levels of troll.

Fox News was probably just SO amused.


7.  The person who installed these doors has a bit of a dirty mind.

Just in case you forget which door to use.


8. These two are clearly meant for each other.

A match made in heaven.

9. Like the person who exposed this beach fraud!

Honestly, I have been this kid so many times though.


10. Now that’s a yummy pun.

Nothing goes better with delicious cuisine than some clever word play.


11. That is one clever tattoo parlor.

It means no worries…until you get a tattoo you’ll regret in a few years.


12. This business just dropped the mic.


13. Like Burger King holding nothing back with this sign.

McDonald’s better watch their back…


14. Businesses are really good at puns.

It’s bacon me CRAZY.


15. This stall knows its brand.

Such sass for a bathroom!


16. Men… always out to prove a point.

The evidence needed to back the statement. 

17. I see what you did there!

Get it!? 


18. Gotta give the dog some credit… he swallowed the right Monopoly piece.

Good boy!


19. Well played, BMW.

Always have to one-up the competition!


20. Top notch Snap.

Punny and cool. See what I did there? No? Ok, I’ll stop.

21. Whoever designed this mug just wants to watch the world burn.

*Twitches* “Your.”


22. You have to admit, this guy knows how to make the most of his job!

A real life superhero.


23. I scampi-lieve that sign!

We can’t all be pun masters.

Reddit | clembobo79
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