23 Rare And Valuable Console Games

23 Rare And Valuable Console Games


1. Primal Rage, $250-350. This game had you play as primeval monsters, dinos and beasts. Originally an arcade game in 1994, it hit the Jaguar CD in ’95 and became one of the most popular titles. A decent copy with a case can go for a pretty penny; while a mint one will net you close to $400.

2. The King of Fighters 2000, $400. This fighting franchise was huge in Japan, but it really never took off here in North America. This game hit the Japanese market in 2000 for Neo Geo, but we didn’t get it here until 2003, when it was packaged with KoF2001. The original Japanese release is currently commanding $400 on eBay.

3. Atlantis II, $500. Even the most seasoned gamers have barely hear of, let alone seen, this game. Developed for the Atari 2600, it’s one of the rarest games out there; with less than one thousand copies ever produced. So when a copy resurfaces online, collectors fight over it, regardless of condition. As recently as 2014, a used copy went for close to $500. Makes you wonder what a sealed copy would go for?

4. Conker’s Bad Fur Day, $700. This is easily one of the best games for the N64, so everyone, of course, wanted it. So, as a result of supply and demand, someone’s gonna have to fork over at least $150 for it. Unless you have the VGA-rated version of the game, then that one will go for $700.

5. Luigi’s Mansion, $800. This was one of the most popular games on the GameCube, selling over 2 million units and becoming the 5th highest GameCube game ever. Because of this, it became a “Player’s Choice” title, which made it decrease in value. But if you have an original “black label” of the game, verified by the VGA, it’ll go for upwards of $800 or so.

6. Paper Mario, $800. This was another beloved N64 title that’s asking for big bucks online. At the moment, there’s a listing for a brand new edition of the game, on Amazon for $800+.

7. The Adventures of Batman & Robin, $936. This is a collectors item for both gamers and fans of Batman:TAS. I can’t imagine how coveted it must be today. Recently, a sealed version of the game went for close to $940 on eBay, up from $300. And it’s not uncommon for unsealed versions of the game to go for similar numbers.

8. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, $1,537. This infamous game has a storied history. It was such a disaster, back in 1982, that all the unsold copies were dumped into a landfill in New Mexico and forgotten. Recently, cartridges were excavated and some reside in the Smithsonian Museum, while some collectors have paid upwards of $1,500 for a copy. Not bad for the shittiest game of all time.

9. Virtual Bowling, $1,825. The Virtual Boy was one of the most infamous gaming flops in history. It was supposed to be the next evolution in 3D gaming, but gave players migraines instead. Despite that, this super rare title for the console went for this staggering amount in 2017. Not sure if anyone will ever play it again, but it does sure look nice in your collection.

10. Dead Space (Ultra Limited Edition), $2,500. While this is a relatively recent game (10 years or so), it’s not the age that makes it valuable, but the super rare edition that was produced. This version was limited to 1000 copies, has extra content and was super hard to find. Hence, it commands a price as low as $1,000, but more likely $2,500+.

11. Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II, $2,500. Back in the day, Blockbuster had it’s own game published by Acclaim, that had super exclusive editions of popular games. These are so rare, that only a few are left and will sell for $2,000-2,500. If only Blockbuster hung on to these, they might have saved themselves.

12. Wrecking Crew, $4,000. This is a relatively old and forgotten Mario game, in which, you had to destroy a set number of objects. IT didn’t take off the way Donkey Kong or Super Mario did, so it got relegated to the rare heap. While you can find a used copy for practically nothing, a sealed, black box version of the game just sold for over $4,000 on eBay, so… there you go.

13. The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!, $5,000. Now, we’re getting to the super rare surprises. This game is super old and super hard to find for the NES. In it, you get to control Fred and Barney, as you try to rescue Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from dinosaurs. Depending on the quality, this game will net you between $1,500 to $5,000.

14. DuckTales: Remastered (Gold Cartridge), $5,100. If you’ve never heard of the infamous Gold version if this game, you’ve been under a rock. This is the Holy Grail of games, with a limited number of them created. You can find some as low as $1,000, but there’s a specific “Artist Proof” version that sold on eBay for $5,100 back in 2014, despite starting at $5. That’s intense.

15. Super Copa, $6,900. Yep, this game legitimately exists. It’s a super-rare SNES game that’ll sell for as low as $150 for a super used copy. Something near mint or mint, would go for significantly higher than that. Back in 2015, a copy sold on eBay for almost $7K.

16. Red Sea Crossing, $10,400. The story behind this game is incredible. It was developed for the Atari by an independent programmer, and was advertised in religious magazines. It was then long-forgotten and emerged at a garage sale. It sold at auction, starting at $100 but soon reached 10x that amount by the time it closed.

17. Nintendo PowerFest ’94, $12,000, This was a compilation of 3 video games, that was played at various competitions all over the country. During it, a player had to complete set challenges within the games, and only had 6 min to do so. Most of the cartridges were destroyed after the events, but a few remained, and recently sold for $12K.

18. Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991. $20,100, This weird game showed up on eBay in 2009, and contained three previously released games. Apparently it was created for a national college video gaming tournament, and was the only one known to have survived the tournament. Even though no one knew what games were on there, prior to bidding, it sold for a ridiculous amount.

19. Super Mario Bros, $30,100. Now, before you get all excited, everybody has this game somewhere. It’s not the regular copies that command this cash; just one. A seller found a factory-sealed, shrink-wrapped version of the game, with an original price tag on it of $26.99. He didn’t remember buying it, but tested the waters to see what it’d sell for. $30,100 later, he’s laughing his ass off.

20. Air Raid, $33,433. This is an exceptionally rare game, developed and released for the Atari 2600. It was like space invaders, but you had to defend two buildings from getting bombed. Only a few copies of the game were made, making it rarer than rare. Only two copies have ever been sold; the first selling for $31K, and the second at $33K.

21. Stadium Events, $41,977. This was a sports-themed game for the NES, that was quickly forgotten and replaced with a different one. But it’s so rare, that it’s even got an ESPN documentary about it. While the original game and box with manual can fetch $20,000 by itself, a sealed and VGA certified copy once went for over $41K.

22. Gamma Attack, $50,000. This game used to just be a myth, until a man named Anthony DeNardo found a physical copy. The game was developed by a controller manufacturer for Atari, and he tried to sell the game on eBay for $500,000 but no one bit. It’s currently sitting at a value of $50K, and we’ll see if anyone thinks it’s worth that.

23. Nintendo World Championships (Gold Cartridge), $100,088. This game must be made of real gold to command this kind of money. In 1990, Nintendo organized a global video game tournament and manufactured NES cartriges for the game. As many as 90 cartridges were made in the usual grey, a further 26 were made in gold and given away in a Nintendo Power contest. This is the rarest Nintendo cartridge in existence and sold for over $100K in 2014.


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