23 Supermarkets Being Run By Smart-Asses With A Twisted Sense Of Humor

1. Pork que?

My grocery store knows how to keep it classy

2. That blows.

Clever marketing at an Indianapolis grocery store.

3. That’s Hillaryous.

I applaud the subtly of the hilarious soul who did this in the grocery store last night

4. ˙pǝʎɐןd ןןǝʍ

My local grocery store stockers have a sense of humor

5. Go ahead, pick your nose.

New seasonal item in the produce department at the grocery store!

6. Cowabunga, dude.

My grocery store is awesome.

7. What a wisecrack.

I think I'll be visiting the health foods store more often now...

8. This is truly an incredible bulk section.

My local grocery store has an incredible bulk section.

9. Stay thirsty, my friends.

Grocery Store Marketing Win

10. Supermarket Tinder bio.

Saw this at our local grocery store.

11. Tag, you’re it!

I <3 childhood games... saw this @ the grocery store!

12. Stop that negativity right meow.

I found a grumpy friend in whole foods

13. Kind regards from the Parents Against Scurvy Association.

14. Best. Party. EVER. I yam what I yam…

Saw this at my local grocery store

15. Solid juice cleanse.

16. When they just understand.

This grocery store knows exactly what its doing

17. These types of jokes are the wurst.

The advertisements at my local grocery store are just the Wurst...

18. Steal the Bacon in real life.

Bacon Thursday's favorite grocery store aisle

19. Put that on the foot offender registry.

Saw this foot file a few years ago in a grocery store. I think the company needs a new brand consultant.

20. DUI not included.

This week on "Grocery Store Signs That Make Absolutely No Sense"

21. Haha, classic rat-in-fridge joke. Good one, supermarket!

Oh it's just the grocery store near my office. When you see it...

22. Heil Diaper!

Walking through the grocery store and...

23. Nice try.

Screw you grocery store! I won't fall for that



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