23 Things That Are Definitely, Totally Coincidences

None of these things are even remotely correlated. Trust me.
1. I’m 100% sure that these two people aren’t talking about the same NutriBullet

2. I’m sure that nobody would be so immature as to TRY to make this ad seem dirty

3. We can absolutely trust that this school’s meat isn’t made of innocent youths

4. It’s so good to know that students are interested in their education and definitely not in naked young women

5. Good thing nobody involved with this calendar is super sexist or anything.

6. I’m sure that no smart dinosaur would ever begin world domination in Argentina. Right? RIGHT?

7. There’s nothing strange about where this septic truck is going.

8. I’m sure the person who stole this guy’s phone will come forward. And I’m sure it’s not the person in black.

9. You can definitely trust that the meat in that restaurant is not made from Fluffy or Mr. Muffins.

11. There’s absolutely no way that those donuts have anything to do with this unfortunate cancellation.

12. Macklemore isn’t the type of guy to do subliminal advertising. Definitely not.

14. These are just two normal movies. Not porn. Definitely not porn.

16. You’d be a fool to think that the person who made this sign is in an unhappy union.

17. The only reason this cop pulled over this truck is because it was speeding. Obviously.

18. The address of this Taco Bell has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with the nature of its clientele.

19. Nobody on Earth could ever be so shallow as to dump a sweet girl over her taste in music.

21. If you think these businesses are conspiring together to maximize profit, you are dead wrong, my friend.

23. How dare you assume that leaving Granny here is basically a death sentence.



One reply on “23 Things That Are Definitely, Totally Coincidences”

All good stuff but the three part combination of #2 is amazing!

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