23 Times Australia Had No F*cks To Give

The most chilled people on earth.


1. When “put another shrimp on the barbie” was taken to all new levels.

2. When this is the standard look every election day.

3. When this kid was ALL of us.

4. When this guy went to extremes to achieve his goal.

5. When this supermarket just told it like it was.

6. When this guy was all “fuck the police”.

7. While this guy was definitely not fazed by a “little” bushfire.

8. When this guy thought he’d drink a cool beverage while waiting for an ambulance.

9. When our native animals just didn’t care about the road rules…

10. …like they literally DGAF.

11. And they don’t care about your house, either.

12. When this Aussie pig had a Saturday that was a little too large.

13. And when these kangas just didn’t even care if they had an audience.

14. When the Aussie news continued to report on the hard-hitting stories.

15. When this guy totally wasn’t fazed by a croc.

16. And when this guy just didn’t give a fuck about Australia’s hooligans.

17. When our politicians didn’t give a fuck about watching their language.

18. When Australia literally didn’t care about naming things properly anymore.

19. Or when it was just easier to revert to classic Aussie insults.

20. When this person decided it was time to be realistic about Christmas.

21. And when this café told it like it was.

22. When someone had the perfect response to Pitbull’s cancelled tour.

23. And when an Australian decided they also didn’t give a fuck about their neighbours across the sea.


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