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23 Times Customers Asked Despicably Dumb Questions

23 Times Customers Asked Despicably Dumb Questions


One reply on “23 Times Customers Asked Despicably Dumb Questions”

Dealing with a customer on slab interior doors, these are both 6-panel but one’s a 32″ and the other is 34″…. guy seriously asked me what the difference between them was. Smart ass that I am, I answered with, “Two inches.”

Had another customer, not quite a stupid question but… guy was looking for a big plastic tarp thing to make an ice skating rink in your back yard, asks if we have any… “Yeah, they’re over there, they’re 40′ X 60′.” Guys says, “Oh, no, that won’t work, I’m looking for ones that are 60′ X 40′.” I’m not kidding; I just stopped and looked at him, waiting to see if he’d get it…. took a few seconds but he did, then laughed too.

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