23 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Being Drunk

1. When your drunk brain lets you down.

2. When it answered this question perfectly.

3. When you’re so fucked you think you can do anything.

4. When you stare into the mirror.

5. When it forced us to be honest with ourselves.

6. When you need both food and sleep at once.

7. When you’re the responsible one.

8. When it knew the world’s one constant truth.

9. When it was literally you, every time you drink.

10. When you’re not quite feeling it.

11. And when you really are.

12. When you’re so far gone.

13. When you’re hit by that crushing regret.

14. When it saw into every drunk person’s mind.

15. When it reminded you of this dickhead – who everyone knows one of.

16. When nothing makes sense any more.

17. When drunk logic kicks in.

18. When you decide it’d be a good idea to destroy your life.

19. When it gave this important reminder.

20. When you’re trying to play it cool.

21. When you’re in denial.

22. When it summed up the difference between drunk men and drunk women.

23. When it saw into our souls.




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