23 Trolls Using Mad Photoshop Skills To Ruin People

Forget all that graphic design and creative art nonsense, Photoshop was made for messing with people. The first thing anyone does in their high school Photoshop class is use it to screw with friends. Photoshop trolls are the kids who bothered to listen and learn so they could fuck with people even harder. The pictures below are just a few examples of their work

When your absentee friends asks to be photo shopped in

When it’s a group photo but you’re a star

You asked for it

Technically, that is what he asked for

For those who think grammar and spelling aren’t important

Gotta love Photoshop

How could he resist?

When your cool friend on Facebook posts a cool picture of himself doing something extremely cool

Nailed it

Way better

When the groom doesn’t show, but you don’t want to waste the photos

This one keeps getting better and better

Sounds familiar

As you wish

That’s the spot

“Hey, Ariel.”

Great touch

Absolutely ferocious

So bushy

I imagine this is exactly what he wanted

When your friend tells you he always dreamed of climbing Everest

And learning how to surf

Who wore it better?


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