23 Unique Items Shown From An Interesting Perspective

Below a massive ice shelf.

The Eiffel Tower from the base, looking upward.

 The Beatles during a concert.

 The inside of a mature hedge bush.

 Just a polar bear from an unusual angle.

 The Devil’s Tower as seen by a drone.

 The inner workings of a micro chip.

 The new Bay Bridge in Oakland, California.

 The inside of a copy machine.

 An aerial shot of a snow-capped forest.

 Cross-section of a commercial passenger jet, a little unsettling how thin is really is.

 Before and after Japan fixes a huge sinkhole in Fukuoka city.

 A perfect reflection along the river.

 Standing at the base of a massive tree.

 An aerial shot of a theme park.

 A river dolphin.

 The base of a transmission tower.

 The inside of a motorcycle helmet.

 A macro photo of an emerald damselfly.

 A hedgehog without his spines.

 A can of shaving cream.

 Where a glacier and a lake converge.

 An infamous view of the Costa Concordia.

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