Over 230 Women Now Accusing Director James Toback Of Sexual Harassment

Over 230 Women Now Accusing Director James Toback Of Sexual Harassment


 If you were shocked when 38 women came forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment, prepare to be truly taken aback: That number is now closer to 238. After the Los Angeles Times published its original exposé, more than 200 additional women got in touch with the paper to report their own stories of alleged harassment at Toback’s hands, the Times reports in a follow-up article. That number includes Today anchor Natalie Morales. Most of their stories involve Toback approaching them to offer to make them a star, and then, at what was supposed to be an interview or audition, asking sexually inappropriate questions before, in many cases, dry-humping the women or masturbating in front of them. The Times hasn’t verified the new accounts.

Many people have also called the LAPD to report disturbing encounters with Toback, the department confirms; it’s looking into the calls to determine whether an investigation is warranted. In New York, where Toback lives and where many of the encounters allegedly took place, those who say they’re victims are being told to get in touch with the Manhattan DA’s office, and several of the women accusing Toback say they’ve done so. Toback’s longtime agent has dropped him as a client, and others in the showbiz industry have come out against him, with some saying they’ve disliked the 72-year-old director for years. In 2010, Gawker also spoke to two sources who say Toback tried to pick up underage girls as well.


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