24 Creepy True Stories About Ouija Boards

24 Creepy True Stories About Ouija Boards

There’s something inherently spooky yet inviting about a Ouija board. The intricate hand-drawn letters and numbers beckon you to trace the planchette along their curves and to call on whatever lies beyond the wall of death. If you’ve ever been to a Halloween party, you probably have a few creepy Ouija board stories, but we doubt that they’re scarier than the true stories of ghostly visitors that we’ve collected from Reddit. Scary Ouija board stories are particularly terrifying because they deal with an unknown presence that the victims invite into their homes, the one place where we’re supposed to be able to relax and escape the corporeal haunting that is real life.

Ouija board true stories all have a few things in common: groups of friends who underestimate the power of the spirit realm, entities that lie about who they really are, and mysterious occurrences that even the most ardent of skeptics have trouble explaining. Whether you’re a true believer or one of those skeptics, one of these stories of spirits haunting the living from the confines of a Ouija board will chill you to the bone and make you think twice before communicating with entities from another dimension.

If you’ve had a weird experience with a Ouija board, we want to hear about it! Leave us a comment about why you’ll never touch a spirit board again, or why you think the whole thing is a bunch of malarkey. Goodbye.


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