24 Hilarious And Accidentally Sexy Vintage Food Ads

24 Hilarious And Accidentally Sexy Vintage Food Ads


You know how sometimes it’s easy to feel like our culture’s collective morality has sort of gone to hell in a handbag? One glance through a catalog or up at a billboard is usually as far as you need to look these days to find a gorgeous person selling something, most likely while in a state of partial undress. The truth is, sex sells, even when it comes to food, and our generation is far from hesitant to admit it. That said, do you ever wonder what it was like back in the days when most ads were colorful drawings featuring fully-clothed folk? Well the good news is, you’re about to find out. The bad news is that as you look through these accidentally sexy vintage food ads, you’ll realize pretty quickly that a great deal of old advertising wasn’t quite as innocent as you might have initially assumed.

While some of the ads you’ll see here are a little less accidental than others, many are packed with what may well have been unintentional innuendo so rich they’d make even the most liberal modern consumer blush. You should consider yourself warned upfront: these sexy vintage food ads are not for the prim and proper… or anyone who wants to enjoying eating a hot dog again.

That said, if you’re ready to take an innuendo-packed trip down memory lane, this list is just what you need! Here, you’ll find a collection of hysterical ads so suggestive they’ll have your faith in modern humanity restored in no time!


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