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24 Of The Nerdiest Science Jokes Ever

24 Of The Nerdiest Science Jokes Ever

People love them some science on the internet, and whether it comes from an insane GIF or crazy post, there is content for science lovers all over Tumblr. And as with most things on Tumblr, science is getting mixed with dad jokes and puns. Does it get any better than that? Here’s some of our favorite nerdy science jokes. You’ll groan, but that doesn’t mean you won’t laugh as well.

sciecne-jokes-cell2 sciecne-jokes-toe science-jokes-2na science-jokes-chromosomes science-jokes-h2o science-jokes-ho science-jokes-ion science-jokes-life science-jokes-mad science-jokes-matter science-jokes-microwaves science-jokes-multiverse science-jokes-nye science-jokes-plant science-jokes-puns science-jokes-sugar science-jokes-tectonic science-jokes-typo science-jokes-zero tumblr-science-jokes-fact-nerd tumblr-science-jokes-laser-cat tumblr-science-jokes-monkey-balls tumblr-science-jokes-rainbow-letters tumblr-science-jokes-water-drop


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These puns are like building a transporter. …no fuckin way

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