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The landslide of successful superhero movies arriving in theaters show no signs of slowing down. While several huge superhero movies are premiering within the next couple of years, those are only the tip of the iceberg on what Marvel and DC have in store.

There’s been a lot of buzz about some of Marvel and DC’s recently announced projects in the development. Captain Marvel, Marvel’s first female-led movie, will hit the big screen next year, as well as Shazam! led by Zachary Levi.

However, there will be a lot more yet to come after that, including many lesser-known projects that are slated to join the ever-growing MCU and DCEU. Even more movies have only been hinted at in rumors, but fans speculate that the studios know more than they are willing to say right now.

A wide range of superheroes are announced or rumored to be joining their massive cinematic universes. Established heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman will have more time in the spotlight, but they are joined by new faces like Gambit, Lobo, and Constantine.

Some movies are about to kick off production, others are still finding the right stories, and still more are only spoken of in whispers.



In a long-awaited movie that doubles down on female heroes in the DCEU, Batgirl is currently in the early stages of development.

Joss Whedon was attached the project, but recently stepped down. Whedon stated, “Batgirl is such an exciting project… that it took me months to realize I really didn’t have a story.”

However, Batgirl continues on without Whedon, though there have been few updates about the ongoing status of the project.

Given the success of Patty Jenkin’s take on Wonder Woman, many fans have called for Batgirl to be taken over by a woman who might have a more interesting and relevant story for the young, dynamic female hero.

DC has also slated other seemingly Batgirl-related movies to follow this one, so they don’t seem to be giving up on her yet.


Black Widow was one of the MCU’s earliest heroes, introduced while Iron Man was still getting started in the crime-fighting business and still running solo.

Natasha Romanoff’s complex backstory as a Russian spy turned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, as well as her status as the most prominent female member of the MCU, made her seem like a natural choice to headline her own movie. However, nearly a decade after her first appearance, no film has materialized.

That may be changing. Sources have reported that the wheels have been turning on Black Widow’s standalone movie.

Reportedly, Marvel executives have hired a writer and met with Scarlett Johansson to begin fleshing out the movie.

The project has not yet been greenlit by the studio, so Black Widow may be a long time coming, but there’s still hope.


As Cyborg was an underutilized but surprisingly compelling hero in Justice League, DC has naturally made the jump to giving Cyborg his own stand-alone movie.

Last year, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher indicated that Cyborg‘s development was on track for its schedule 2020 release.

However, few updates have come out since the movie’s original announcement, so its eventual release date and the direction the movie is taking is anyone’s guess.

Despite the scant information about the movie, actor Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg’s father, believes that the film is taking the form of an origin story for the superhero.

Morton is contracted to appear in the solo movie, the last film in his contract with DC. Given Morton’s contract, the solo film may focus more on Cyborg’s relationship with his father and his backstory of his father turning him into Cyborg before Morton’s time runs out.


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 will bring the Guardians trilogy as we know it to a close. Director James Gunn hasn’t been shy about information during the development of the third part of the Guardians’ story.

He has stated that the trilogy will focus on the familiar core group and suggested that a new team may take over after their story arc ends in this movie.

Gunn also revealed that Gamora will have a large role in this movie.

However, details are still slim in advance of the Avengers epic Infinity War, as it may affect the course of the upcoming Guardians aventure. Rumors have swirled around the story, such as the inclusion of Adam Warlock after his teased arrival in Vol. 2.

Fans won’t have to wait for details too long, as the movie is expected to start production next year.


Doctor Strange has become heavily involved in the MCU after his solo movie introduction, making it curious that Marvel has yet to confirm another Doctor Strangemovie.

Although the sequel’s current status is unknown, the original screenwriters have revealed many of the details they would want to include in an upcoming film.

They want the sequel to focus on Nightmare, ruler of the Dream Dimension, as a villain.

They also plan to continue the arc of defected sorcerer Baron Mordo.

Infinity War may also affect this production, as Strange’s fate is undecided within the MCU. Even Benedict Cumberbatch is uncertain of any plans for a further installment of Doctor Strange.

Since Doctor Strange is still relatively new to the cinematic universe, it’s likely that he will still have a large part to play, but his future is currently up in the air.


Even in the shadows of development hell, Lobo clings to life. The interstellar mercenary Lobo may finally get his chance on the big screen.

Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs has taken over the script, indicating that the project may be coming off the shelf at DC. Fuchs is a fan of Lobo and hopes to capture the spirit of the comics in his version of the script.

The project doesn’t have smooth sailing from here, though.

Warner Bros. is still unsatisfied with the huge production budget the script requires. Michael Bay has been courted to direct the movie, but the production budget is a major stumbling block for his involvement as well.

Assuming the budget can be ironed out to everyone’s satisfaction, Lobo may finally see some serious movement toward hitting theaters.


Justice League Dark has seen its fair share of development complications, but the idea has stuck around. It started as a Guillermo del Toro project year ago, but it didn’t end with his departure from it.

It’s still going through script revisions with a newly hired writer, and Warner Bros. is continuing its search for a director after Doug Liman left the project to work on another movie.

After the mediocre reception of Justice League and Suicide Squad, Justice League Dark may be the team-up movie that DC needs.

The movie is reported to focus on John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon. Justice League Dark’s purpose in the comics is dealing with supernatural threats that the Justice League doesn’t usually handle.

If it can get off the ground, it will provide a great counterpoint to DC’s existing team-ups.


The cinematic hopes of Fantastic Four never seem to die, no matter how many attempted murders the franchise goes through. After two forgettable versions of the iconic family hit theaters within a decade, the idea could easily be retired for a while.

However, the rumors persist that Fantastic Four will receive yet another movie treatment.

Fans were whipped into a frenzy over Marvel’s use of “Fantastic” in promoting Infinity War on social media. Despite the cryptic messaging, the rights to the Fantastic Four have not yet been secured by Marvel.

There may be an idea in the works, but its eventual development is subject to legal red tape. A new Fantastic Fourcoming soon is an unlikely possibility.

Until then, we can only cling to the hope that the Fantastic Four will one day get the movie they deserve.


With the massive success of Wonder Woman, the fast-tracked sequel comes as no surprise. Patty Jenkins returns to direct another installment of Wonder Woman’s story, this time focusing on the villain Cheetah. Kristen Wiig has been officially cast in the role of Cheetah.

Confirmed details are scarce, but reports claim the story will take place during the Cold War.

Jenkins has also indicated that at least part of the second movie will take place in the United States. Patty Jenkins also co-wrote the script for this story.

Filming is expected to begin as early as this summer, and it is set for a release date of November 2019. More casting news and details about the story are sure to roll out before too long as the production gets underway.



It seems the DCEU has plans for Batgirl after her solo movie. Screenwriter Christina Hodson announced that she is working on a script for Birds of Prey.

The superheroine team-up is usually headlined by Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress. The Birds of Prey comics have featured Barbara Gordon as both Batgirl and her paraplegic counterpart Oracle.

However, it’s unknown if the DCEU will touch the subject of the Joker’s attack on Barbara and her taking the mantle of Oracle.

Margot Robbie has reportedly taken an interest in Birds of Prey and may reprise Harley Quinn in the movie. However, any news about Birds of Prey has been few and far between, so the project is not expected anytime soon. The Batgirl-centric team may not be a priority until Batgirl is established in the DCEU.

14. RUMORED – X-23

X-23 became the surprise breakout star of Logan, and the movie ended in the perfect place to set up a spin-off for Laura and allow her to take up Wolverine’s mantle.

Logan writer James Mangold revealed he is working on a script for an X-23 movie. It may be in early development at Fox, but the Disney/Fox deal throws it up in the air yet again.

X-23 is an excellent solution to the difficulties of recasting Wolverine.

However, the projects like this that may be in early stages will be in the hands of Disney and Marvel. It’s up to them to decide if X-23 will be a good investment.

Kevin Feige will reportedly evaluate any projects in development and making calls on the ones worth continuing. There’s still hope for X-23, but it may be slim at this point.


After exclusively headlining team-ups in the DCEU, Batman will soon get his own solo movie within the DCEU. The reception to Justice Leagues seems to have put The Batman on rocky footing.

However, director Matt Reeves assures fans that the project is ongoing.

Ben Affleck isn’t sure about his future with the DCEU at this point, so there’s a possibility that The Batman will establish a new Dark Knight.

Given that Batman is a crux of the DCEU and Justice League, The Batman is likely to either focuso on a send-off to Ben Affleck or an origin for a new iteration (or both).

The movie was supposed to go into production this summer, but the lack of news about the film makes that doubtful. Rumors state that production may not begin until next year.


The Flash will also soon embark on a solo adventure in the DCEU. It was titled Flashpoint, but the title seems to have changed during development.

The Flashpoint story in the comics created an alternate timeline due to Barry’s time travel. The story set for adaptation has led to speculation that Flashpoint will change the continuity of the DCEU.

It may at least serve as a loophole to change parts of the DCEU that haven’t worked.

Unconfirmed reports have come out that Flashpoint would include many of the beloved characters associated with the Flash. These characters include Eobard Thawne, Doctor Light, Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, Captain Cold, and Heatwave.

Wonder Woman will likely appear in the movie, as well. If they stay faithful to the source material, we may see evil or otherwise alternate versions of the Justice League members.


After Justice League revived Superman as everyone expected, it left the door open for another Man of Steel movie feature Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Writer Mark Miller and director-producer Matthew Vaughn have apparently discussed doing Man of Steel 2. Miller reports Warner Bros is very interested in the project.

However, the sequel is yet to be confirmed.

Cavill is only contracted for one more appearance as Superman in the DCEU. The movie’s future may depend on contract negotiation.

Rumors have cropped up that both Cavill and Warner Bros want to extend his contract. If so, Cavill may be set to appear much more in upcoming DC films, including starring in another solo film.

For now, this movie hinges on contracts and legal red tape, but it may soon become an official project.


No matter how many actors they go through, the Spider-Man movies never seem to slow down. With the positive reception of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is an obvious move.

Casting rumors have swirled that the Homecoming sequel is looking to cast an older villain, a high-school age male, and a femme fatale. Marvel’s roster isn’t short on any of these categories, so no characters can be discerned yet.

Reports are circulating that the second Spider-Man movie will start production in May.

These reports also suggest they will be filming the sequel in international locations.

The story is supposed to follow the events of both Infinity War movies. Marvel may play their plan close to the vest until both are released. Then Spider-Man will be ready to kick off Marvel’s Phase Four.


With Deadpool 2 about to release, the franchise is gearing up to bring the X-Force to center stage. Deadpool 2 will establish many of the characters necessary for the X-Force movie, including Cable and Domino.

Reports also say that Domino’s actress, Zazie Beetz, has a three-movie deal in her contract. Although many projects are shifting around in the wake of the Disney/Fox deal, the Deadpool movies seem to be ramping up.

X-Force is reported to start filming this October, meaning the Deadpool spin-off may hit theaters as early as next year.

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin are set to return in this movie as Deadpool and Cable. Domino will also likely be back. Terry Crews is playing another character that will be introduced in Deadpool 2 and may return for X-Force.


Thor made a glorious return to his solo movies in Thor: Ragnarok, but it may be the end for his stand-alone movies. Although Thor returns for Infinity War, but Chris Hemsworth’s contract runs out after the second part of Infinity War.

He may be open to an extension, though, if the right solo story comes along.

Chris Hemsworth revealed that he and Ragnarok director Taika Waititi were bouncing around some ideas for a fourth Thor. Any future projects are contingent on how Infinity War plays out, so we won’t know Thor’s fate for a while yet.

Taika Waititi also seems open to the idea of another Thor film. Waititi stated that any further movie he did would feel like an extension of Thor: Ragnarok.

For now, Thor 4 is just a dream, at least until we know if Thor makes it through Infinity War intact.


Out of left field comes the superhero project few expected, DC’s New Gods. The story is set in DC’s adaptation of ancient gods and mythology.

At the time the New Gods storyline begins, this mythological world consists of a paradise called New Genesis (ruled by Izaya the Highfather) and a Hell-world called Apokolips (ruled by Lord Darkseid).

In a truce between the two of them, the two rulers gave one of their sons to each other to raise.

Those sons are the center of the story, along with warriors like Big Barda and Lightray.

Director Ava DuVernay is helming the project, and it recently took on Kario Salem as a writer. Development seems to be moving along at a steady pace, so we may see New Gods in the near future.

It’s unclear yet whether or not this movie is connected to the DCEU.


After the train wreck of Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern, fans have eagerly awaited a second chance for the beloved hero.

Green Lantern and his world may finally be getting the adaptation they deserve in Green Lantern Corps. The movie seems to introduce two different versions of Green Lantern.

Warner Bros. has confirmed it will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Although many were concerned Green Lantern would slip through the cracks with the DCEU’s box office failures, Green Lantern Corps seems to still be kicking.

Co-writer David S. Goyer stated the movie was still in the works recently, though there is some uncertainty around all of DC’s movies. Reports have suggested they are actively pursuing Christopher McQuarrie to direct.


Sony has taken their universe in a new direction after losing Spider-Man back to Marvel. Many of their announced and rumored projects pull dark obscure characters out of the woodwork.

One such rumored movie is Nightwatch. Nightwatch is an antihero that takes his suit from a superhero whose death he witnesses, only to find out that the hero is himself in the future.

Reports have stated that Luke Cage creator Cheo Hodari Coker is writing the script. Spike Lee may also be attached to direct, though his involvement is still in the early stages.

Nightwatch would make an intriguing addition to a cinematic universe already set to include Venom, Black Cat, and Silver Sable.

His origin story easily lends to a stand-alone film treatment. However, Nightwatch is yet to be officially confirmed.


From Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti comes another unexpected her introduction: Booster Gold. Booster Gold’s time traveling comedy-adventures are a lighthearted addition to DC’s slate. Screenwriter Zack Stentz is currently working on the script. As of last month, Berlanti confirmed the movie was still in development.

Berlanti revealed that this movie will not be connected to the DCEU.

Given that Booster Gold was created as essentially a satire of superheroes turned celebrities, he would be a bit out of place in a universe that has been absurdly dark to this point.

Booster Gold frequently teams up with technology-based hero Blue Beetle, who may also appear in this movie. The Arrow writers were unable to use Blue Beetle, changing instead to Ray Palmer.

DC’s refusal indicates other plans for Blue Beetle– perhaps in this movie.


X-Men spin-off Gambit has been stuck in development hell for a long time, but may finally see the light of day. The movie is set to star Channing Tatum Remy LeBeau, a New Orleans superhero who manipulates kinetic energy.

Gambit has appeared in multiple X-Men projects, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but fans are looking forward to his solo time in the spotlight.

It has recently experienced delays in production. The movie has been through multiple directors who have departed the project.

However, reports indicate Gambit has a new start date for production, which may signal a new director in the works.

The movie is said to be filming in New Orleans, naturally.

Hopefully, the long-awaited Gambit movie will be underway soon. It joins several other superhero movies that are finally clawing their way out of development.


In what seems like the pipe dream of some dedicated fans, DC may be planning the introduce The Question on the big screen.

Vic Sage, the investigative reporter and Hub City crime fighter, seems to be a part of DC’s future plans. Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim wanted to add The Question to Arrow.

 DC prevented him from using the character, indicating that they would be using Sage in another way.

At this point, no one knows if The Question would have a solo movie, be part of a team-up, or just drop into another DC film. Sage has usually been portrayed as a deeply philosophical character with conversations on morality at the forefront of his story.

His character would lend to an interesting philosophical story within the DC universe. If nothing else, he should be a fantastic guest star in a larger DC project.


Few superheroes get fans quite as excited as Nightwing, and his solo movie may find its way to production in the near future.

Nightwing director Chris McKay revealed the script is nearly completed, teasing many updates coming in the next few months. It seems the story will focus on Dick Grayson, the fan favorite former Robin.

However, he wants to make sure they have a solid narrative before rushing to the next step, avoiding the pitfalls of many DCEU movies.

McKay says it’s a long process and will not result in casting news anytime soon, but the movie seems to be moving along quite well. McKay does want to delve into Grayson’s circus background and feature significant stuntwork.

It may be a long journey to find an actor who fits the bill, but there are likely to be exciting developments coming from this movie in the future.


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