1. Youtube streamer pretends to play UFC so he could stream the entire PPV without being copyrighted

2. Zimbabwe Army took over the state TV station and told people there’s no indication that a military coup is happening

3. I accidentally ended up on the set of the TV show “Major Crimes”, and decided to stay and act as an extra

4. Dad couldn’t get a reservation at a restaurant, calls back pretending to be Prime Minister of Morocco. Gets best seat in the house and signs a plate for the chef

5. A powerful weapon in your arsenal

6. Snuck into VIP section of a concert. We noticed the Special Wristbands looked awfully similar to our water bottle wrappers

7. Guy Goma (born 1969) is a business studies graduate from Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo who was accidentally interviewed live on BBC News 24, a UK television news station, on Monday 8 May 2006. Goma was mistaken for technology expert Guy Kewney when he attended the BBC for a job interview and was brought onto a BBC special regarding the case Apple Corps v. Apple Computer to provide insight on a subject he knew little about. Sadly, he didn’t get the job.

8. If anyone asks if you’re a celebrity, say yes and play along.


10. Auburn player joins Georgia’s huddle

11. It’s cold outside and I was tired of standing. Found a pen and paper and now I’m with stats and press

12. My daughter and her boyfriend made these and walked right into a concert. No questions asked.

13. The power of a straw

14. I have been seeing movies for free for about a year now after finding this in the bin of 3D glasses at the theatre

15. Prankster Remi Gaillard pretending to be part of the team


17. Acting like he belongs, but failing: a drunk Kevin Hart trying to get on the Super Bowl podium and getting denied

18. 1st date, we pretended to be homebuyers and visited open houses in the area

19. Drunk guy needs ride home so tells 911 he’s an undercover cop requiring evac. When story crumbles, escapes jail by delivering impromptu speech before high school group.

20. I’m 15 and I Snuck into an invite only chance the rapper(my favorite artist ever) event as a “photographer.” I just walked in with my camera with no questions asked. Shook his hand and exchanged hellos.





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