24 Really Astonishing Things You May Not Have Seen Before


1. Laser cut denim

2. Sunscreen spray under UV light

3. A one in a million blue lobster (that was set free)

4. The world’s biggest panoramic picture at 365 Gigapixels

5. An SUV that doesn’t care about rocks and hills

6. A giant marionette controlled by a group of people

7. A wave in slow-mo

8. Hikers attempt to escape from the Glacial National Park wildfire

9. Waveless surfing

10. Have you ever seen a peacock fly?

11. An albino crocodile

12. Perfect rock skipping technique

13. The MRI makes it possible to see arteries in the brain

14. Paper airplane vortex

15. The ceiling tiles in the Da Nang airport smoking section vs the non-smoking section, Vietnam

16. How do you like these watermelons?

17. High-speed laser engraving

18. A laptop display shows an animation when the lid is almost closed.

19. A carved stick in water climbs up

20. Incredible synchronization

21. A fantastic sculptural composition made from one piece of wood

22. The author was lucky to capture this

23. A giant storm cloud in Wyoming, USA

24. The International Space Station passes in front of the moon.

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