25 Businesses Who Think We’re Too Stupid To Notice Their Bullshit –

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of really stupid people out there. I can understand why a company would attempt to capitalize on this, but then they run the risk of someone noticing they’re being ripped off and posting it online. All it takes is one person and you end up on one of these lists. Not all publicity is good publicity.

For those of us who pay attention and actually read a label, this list is going to infuriate you. And for those of you who drift through life buying and consuming without a care (not judging, I’m actually jealous) I hope this list opens up your eyes. None of use should be buying any of this crap.

A “new” stick of deodorant.

The packets are just 35% smaller.

Um…so, what’s in the packet?

Not actually a hair. Just a trick to get you to swipe up.

This hotel’s advertised “private” balcony.

Exactly what you would expect from nazis. This was for whether or not to the “reunification” of Austria with the German Reich.

I mean technically there are 10 colors.

The little speck of dirt isn’t a speck of dirt at all. It’s there to get you to click. Diabolical.

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