25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

Athleta Van Huffelen, a strong woman in the circus, poses in the US in 1905.
3 Men are executed by Guillotine in France in 1909. Even with a black and white picture, you can see some of the blood on the blade.
A Maori family standing alongside a carved figure of the Maori chief Tu-Kai-Taua and each person holding a carved wooden Maori weapon in New Zealand in 1915.
Veterans from the Civil War, Spanish American War, and WWI attend a ceremony with thousands of civilians to dedicate this memorial statue on the lawn of the Lucas County Courthouse in Ohio, US in 1927.
Black soldiers known as Buffalo Soldiers guard captured Spanish prisoners during the Spanish American War in Cuba in 1898.
A women being watched and harassed in Mexico City, Mexico in 1950. There are 5 pictures of her being watched by men everywhere she went.
Rakelt (or Peraklet) cottage in Vrångsjö manor in Marbäck parish in Sweden in 1913.

A street performer in a cowboy costume in Mexico City, Mexico in 1961.

A Filipino baby and her family inside a human zoo in NYC, US in 1906.
Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia in 1908.
A man prepares for a ritual dance in Kenya in 1902.
Women swimming in Essex, England in 1919.
Aboriginal prisoners in Australia in 1889.
People hit the dance floor at Whisky A Go Go club in LA, US in 1964.
Two women (Elsie Hill, 21, dressmaker Dulcie Morgan, 25, and Jean Taylor, 25) laugh during their mug shots after being arrested during the Darlinghurst flat raid in Sydney, Australia in 1926. Their crime was renting one of the flats, and they were charged with being in the company of persons having no lawful means of support
A man pours tea to a French commander and pro French soldier during the First Indochina War in Vietnam in 1953.
Women getting instructions on how to vote for the first time in NYC, US in 1928.
A couple swap clothes to pose as each other for some fun in the Netherlands in 1905.
3 Mexican women, 1 musician and 2 dancers, pose for a picture in LA, US in 1936.
Women wearing high class fashion of the time in London, England in 1911.
A man oversees this group of female Burlak barge haulers pulling a boat down the Volga River in Ukraine in 1900.
A couple vehicles attempted to cross a flooded road with disastrous results during the great Mississippi River Flood in Tennessee, US in 1927. It is unknown what happened to the drivers and passengers.
A colonial expedition force practicing how to react to threats in the Belgian Congo in 1900.
The Waseda University baseball team in Japan in 1925. Baseball was active in Japan well before US occupation after WWII.
The Royal Riders of the Red Robe and the Ladies of the Invisible Empire (L.O.T.I.E.), branch groups of the Ku Klux Klan, at a night gathering in Northern California, US in 1918.
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