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25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

A ballerina in Italy in 1977.

A Russian sniper after being caught by Finnish soldiers in Finland in 1941.

2 Teenage boys start talking to a girl from school while taking a dog for a walk in the US in 1948.

A woman shows off her bathing suit in France in 1930.

A main road in Martinique in 1928.

A German citizen stares down a French soldier part of the occupying force of Essen in Germany in 1918.

Armored vehicles parading in Eqypt in 1935.

How the Finnish fired artillery at the Russians during blistering cold days during the Winter War in 1941.

Making a road by hand in Paris, France in 1933.

A female biker in England in 1965.

Measuring the footrest length at a motorcycle factory in England in 1933.

Indian troops training for an assault on an Italian held position in Somalia in 1940.

Young ladies smoking a hookah and drinking tea in Palestine in 1931.

Men get vaccinated against leprosy in Nigeria in 1953.

A small general store with gas pumps out front in Paris, France in 1930.

Men in Jamaica in 1953

Kids sit on a white only bench in South Africa in 1958.

Masqueraders perform a ritual in Nigeria in 1933.

The same people showing what the mask looked like from the front after it they added “hair” on the top for the next dance.

A portrait of a wounded Russian soldier near Finland in 1944.

Kids playing in an alley in Paris, France in 1930.

Children in a classroom in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1963.

A crown gathers just to watch Marilyn Monroe shop on Fifth Avenue in 1957.

Telephone switch board operators in Brisbane, Australia in 1910.

2 Dancers perform in a club in Havana, Cuba in 1949.

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