25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

1. A woman poses in her robot costume for a show in NYC, US in 1920.

2. A woman jumps in the water in Newcastle, Australia in 1937.

3. Boxing champion Jack Johnson pretends to spar with a movable robot in the US in 1910.

4. A young Russian combat engineer wearing body armor that saved his life on the Karelian Front during WWII in 1944.

5. A wedding ceremony in China in 1900.

6. A motor car at Brooklands race track which has been fitted with a propeller for extra speed in England in 1911.

7. 2 Women get married in France in 1901.

8. Former slaves from Louisiana pose with school children of a school created by the man who freed them, Colonel George H. Banks, in New York, US in 1863.

9. Ganster Charles Birger laughing before his hanging in Benton, Illinois, US in 1928.

10. Nurses and soldiers pose for a picture in Iran in 1968.

11. Russian men and women who were forced to do slave labor being helped after their German captors had forced them in a cellar and set the building on fire in 1945. Luckily the fire was put out in time.

12. Actor Russ Tamblyn does a flip while his wife and fellow Actress Venetia Stevenson walks on in this picture for Life Magazine in 1955.

13. Mutinous soldiers, workers, women and children march during the Russian Revolution in 1905.

14. First day of an all girls Catholic School in France in 1951.

15. American adventurer, hunter, and documentary filmmaker Osa Johnson (she did all that with her husband Martin Johnson) enjoys a bath from rain water collected overnight in a hole dug in the ground while a native woman holds her towel in Kenya in 1923.

16. A revolutionary soldier with his wife and daughter in Mexico in 1919.

17. Construction of Brasilia in Brazil in 1958.

18. Dr. Charles Alexander Escoffery shows off his Baker Electric Mode car that can run on solar energy using a 1912 car in the US in 1960.

19. Beach weight lifters do some acrobats with some woman for a photographer in CA, US in 1957.

20. A political wagon and their supporters with signs and shirts against politician R. B. Bennett in Montreal, Canada in 1938.

21. Restoration project on the Sphinx in Egypt in 1925.

22. A staged picture of a woman “committing suicide” used by the Smile Club in Budapest, Hungary in 1949. This was done to discourage their members from such acts.

23. A man in Pyongyang, Korea in 1927.

24. Workers digging a ditch in New Zealand in 1932.

25. Dancing at the beach in NYC, US in 1912.



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