25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History


1. 2 Different style of cultures enjoy a day at the beach in Iran in 1976.

2. A female fisherman with 2 tarpons caught off Florida, US in 1891.

3. A Russian man confronts a guard after the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp in Thuringia, Germany in 1945.

4. A girl wears a costume of singing cats in the US in 1902.

5. Girls playing basketball in Greece in 1950.

6. A damaged US B-17 Bomber after a mission over Cologne, Germany in 1944.

7. Jewish refugees, mostly children, in camps in Israel after leaving their homes in Yemen to join the Jewish state in 1954.

8. A guard questions an inmate in Soviet Russia in 1949.

9. A video conference in Sweden in 1960.

10. Members of the ‘Elkettes,’ wives of Elk members in LA, do their daily exercises in LA, California, US in 1927.

11. Musicians and their dancers in India in 1927.

12. Men pose in front of a helicopter in East Tilbury, England in 1955.

13. Russian soldiers in Leningrad in 1944.

14. A woman in Morocco in 1912.

15. Soldiers wearing armor after it was tested with different types of firearms at Fort de la Peigney in France in 1918. They were not wearing the armor when it was tested.

16. A Maori priest being fed in New Zealand in 1930.

17. A woman participates in the Loei Songkran beauty pageant in Thailand in 1971.

18. A child with boxing gloves looks at a punching bag in the US in 1937.

19. A couple shows public affection for a set picture in a magazine published in Tehran, Iran in 1974.

20. English football (soccer) supporters fight with police after causing trouble prior to the England Norway match in Oslo, Norway in 1981.

21. A woman from Sudan in 1921.

22. Executives, managers and showgirls pose for a picture at the Tropicana Night Club in Havana, Cuba in 1954.

23. A lesbian couple about to kiss at a Beatles concert in the US in 1964.

24. Sami men with reindeer in Northern Sweden in 1939.

25. French colonial officers from Ivory Coast with their Ghanaian wives and children in Ghana in 1915.

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