25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

1. A woman cutting cake at her birthday party in Tehran, Iran in 1973.

2. A woman shows off her prosthetic leg in the US in 1900.

3. Cavalry training in England in 1935.

4. Fans in Australia get excited for the Beatles in 1964.

5. Young ladies during a heavy snowstorm in Washington DC, US in 1922.

6. 2 Stuntmen known as wing walkers pretend to play tennis on a plane in 1923.

7. Testing a tank in the USSR in 1935.

8. A female beach police officer inspecting a woman’s bathing suit in the US in 1920.

9. A family in a basement dwelling in Warsaw, Poland in 1937.

10. A beach beauty contest in New Zealand in 1967.

11. Suffragettes carrying spears during a parade for women’s rights in London, England in 1910.

12. A woman preparing to bowl in Chicago, US in 1900.

13. A black soldier posing for his picture while in the German Army during WWI in 1915. He most likely migrated from a German colony such as Namibia many years prior as most African units in WWI were separate.

14. A sign to warn European white descendants of an upcoming town full of local black African natives in South Africa in 1964.

15. A woman in a witch costume in the US in 1895.

16. Egyptian belly dancer Zizi Mostafa dancing for former first lady Mrs. Jacqueline ‘Kennedy’ Onassis (in black, left) and her then husband Aristotle Onassis in Cairo, Egypt in 1974.

17. People protesting for equal rights for homosexuals in front of The White House in Washington DC, US in 1965.

18. A woman poses for a picture much to her chagrin in the Republic of Congo in 1958.

19. German soldiers laugh as they pose for a picture with a boy in traditional style clothes in Romania in 1940.

20. Sorority sisters at the University of Texas, US in 1944.

21. Actress and model Ana Bertha Lepe during her reign as Miss Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico in 1953.

22. French car maker Citroen having a car show in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1955.

23. A Canadian soldier rides a motorcycle with 3 happy ladies in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1945.

24. A wedding procession in Budapest, Hungary in 1965.

25. A symbolic picture taken in 1902 used to try and show the end of hatred between former Civil War combatants from the Union and Confederacy after the country worked together to defeat Spain in the Spanish American War (1898) which freed Cuba from Spanish rule.

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