25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History



1. An injured student looking tough as hell despite having bruises and cuts on her legs preventing her from walking after clashes with police during the Student Uprising in France in 1968.

2. Continuing from the previous picture, here is an officer ahead of his unit throwing a gas grenade towards thousands of protesters during the Student Uprising in France in 1968.

3. A man is fined for not wearing the proper male bathing suit in The Netherlands in 1931.

4. Native First Nation school children posing for a picture in Alberta, Canada in 1909. They were not allowed to speak anything but English, nor wear or discuss anything related to their tribes. It was Canadas way of destroying the Native culture, just like the US tried with Native Americans around the same time period.

5. A woman pretends to hold up her friends at the beach in the US in 1947.

6. The Kaufmann Troupe of trick cyclists in their one piece uniforms in Germany in 1900.

7. A college student in Nigeria in 1972.

8. Young men training to be soldiers in Saudi Arabia in 1945.

9. The parade to open the Worlds Fair in Paris, France in 1900.

10. Miss USA Dorothy Anstett and Miss Universe Martha Vasconcellos pose for a picture in Brazil in 1968.

11. What appears to be an unhappy man carrying a bath tub in Paris, France in 1900.

12. Ford Model T car turned into a snowmobile in upstate New York, US in 1916.

13. Sami people milking a reindeer in Sweden in 1902.

14. Russian soldiers in Siberia in 1919.

15. A child dressed up as a bee in the US in 1898.

16. A nude wedding of 2 hippies in Japan in 1970.

17. The Criminal Investigation and Identification Research Institute laboratory of criminals physio-gnomic analysis doing tests in Mexico City, Mexico in 1935.

18. A frankfurter stand in London, England in 1892.

19. People enjoy a day at Bondi Beach near Sydney, Australia in 1900.

20. Women sunbathing in Alexandria, Egypt in 1959.

21. A woman show how she uses plates to stretch out her lips in French Equatorial Guinea in 1972.

22. Us soldiers at Fort Douglas, Utah, in 1917. The tents could open and close quickly, hence the design.

23. Just 4 horses being used to haul away a large amount of timber in Minnesota, US in 1895.

24. 2 Actors do a promotional picture for a comedy play in France in 1898.

25. A Manchester Terrier with a cape sits in a chair in England in 1905.



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