25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History –

1. A young American boy dressed as a cowboy plays around in front of a guard in England in 1966.

2. Fishermen pose for a picture of the coast of Cuba in 1932.

3. The funeral for Sun Yat-sen, the founder of The Republic of China, in Beijing, China in 1925.

4. Women coal miners in the US in 1890.

5. A female fencer and her husband and instructor in Paris, France in 1900.

6. A museum in Moscow, USSR in 1958.

7. A man risking his life while balancing on a scaffolding in New Orleans, US in 1925.

8. A native Sioux woman works a telephone switchboard at the Many Glacier Hotel in Montana in 1911.

9. Six year old “Cranberry Pie Eating Champ” pats his stomach after eating a 10 inch pie in 15 seconds in the US in 1948.

10. A model looks comfortably warm showing off the power of a heat lamp while everything behind her is frozen in Germany in 1960.

11. Women prepare to do chores outside their small homes in Panama in 1929.

12. A fake tank carved out of rock to deceive the American invasion on Iwo Jima in 1945.

13. A childrens costume contest at a carnival in England in 1950.

14. A lone horse walks through the destruction caused by an earthquake in Valvidia, Chile in 1960. As many as 7,000 people may have been killed, but exact totals were never properly collected.

15. Football hooligans take over the pitch at St. Andrews during a game between Birmingham City and Leeds United in Birmingham, England in 1985.

16. After getting organized, the police attack the football hooligans who started the riot on the pitch of a game between Birmingham City and Leeds United in Birmingham, England in 1985.

17. A street in Chicago, US in 1931.

18. A man in a ceremonial mask and outfit of the Chamba tribe in Nigeria in 1965.

19. Fisherman moving fish heads in Italy in 1975.

20. A man in his car home living as a Sikh near Venice Beach, California, US in 1984.

21. A white man runs from an angry black crowd during the riots in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1985.

22. A pageant showing old style Samurai and students in Tokyo, Japan in 1930.

23. Crew Chief James Farley carrying machine guns to his helicopter prior to a mission in Vietnam in 1965.

24. Crew Chief James Farley reacting when they cleared a hostile zone after 2 of his men have been shot during a mission in Vietnam in 1965. The one on the right, co-pilot Lieutenant Magel, sadly died before arriving back at base.

25. Crew Chief James Forley breaking down shortly after arriving at base when it all hit him at once in Vietnam in 1965. The last 3 pictures were part of a group taken by Larry Burrows who followed the crew into battle and published these in Life Magazine to show the war to the US public.


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