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25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

25 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History

An American pilot taking a picture of his “bomber” preparing to drop a bomb manually during a bombing run in WWI in 1917. The bomb has “share this raticide” written on it (raticide is a form of poison).

Danish resistance fighters detain 2 German soldiers as the resistance began to liberate towns and cities in Denmark in 1945.

Eleanor Ambrose, highest paid dancer in the U.S. at this time, gets a massage by her maid in 1926.

A WWI veteran is begging on the streets of Berlin, Germany in 1925.
A man does a balancing act on top of a skyscraper in NYC, US in 1926.
Nigerian soldiers removing sacred tablets in East Africa in 1940.
A club in Havana, Cuba in 1938.
Miss America finalist in Atlantic City, US in 1927. I love how there’s a Native American in the contest.
The lifesavers car in the US in 1934.
Turkish belly dancer Aiche Nana performing a strip tease in the middle of a restaurant in Rome, Italy in 1958.
Getting gas during a flood in England in 1935.
Warriors known as the The Head Hunters of Borneo pose with the heads of their enemies hanging behind them in Indonesia in 1927.
A Buddhist monk and his pupil in Tibet in 1889.
Prince Albert poses for a portrait on the pitch as he attends the Civil Service Annual Athletic Sports event at the Chelsea stadium in England in 1920.
Children playing with toys in Berlin, Germany in 1926.
Poor children share a bowl of food in Bolshoi Murashkin, Russia in 1904.
Models take their pet rabbits to the beach in California, US in 1937.
A saloon in a tent in a mining town in California, US in 1900.
A variety of men dance at an openly gay club in Paris, France in 1933.
An Australian battalion on one of the Pyramids at Giza, Egypt in 1915.
Men and women march in a womens suffrage parade in London, England in 1900.
Officials looking for disease or lice on arriving immigrants at Ellis Island off New York City, US in 1923.
Roy Burston with family and friends all using early versions of a boogie board or bellyboard at the beach in Australia in 1924.
A rebel is about to be executed at the early stages of the Mexican Revolution in Mexico in 1910.
3 Men are working on creating a better stockings in the US in 1940.

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