25 Deceiving Tricks That Stores Use That Will Enrage You

Whoever came up with marketing strategies should be thrown in prison.
A piece of cardboard instead of plastic
“They’re trying to make it look like there’s a lot more Nerf darts in the package.”
Half cherry-filled croissant
There is no such thing as much ham. True…
This roll had only 20 stickers.
“The most honest sale I have ever seen.”
When it’s very important to read what is written in small print
“Thought I still had 25% remaining. Nope, solid glass.”
Why can’t they add the 6th pill?
Fossils instead of chocolate snacks
When they hide the real volume of the balm behind the sticker
They promised 25% more
A big box of disappointment
The mark on the glass indicates the amount of ice — and only the rest is the actual drink.
Turns out 25% less doesn’t refer to the price.
“My expectations were low still, but I was disappointed.”
Storm Troopers just don’t look like they used to.
Do these confusing little windows annoy you too?
What a discount!
“Either the package is lying or someone has already licked my ice-cream.”
A lawn-mowing company scatters fake money with an advertisement for their services around town.
The distance between triangles got bigger while the length of the chocolate stayed the same.
Full-on disappointment
This should be punishable!
This fake olive oil cost like a 100% pure olive oil.
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