25 Extremely WTF Pics From History –


1. An elephant holds a circus performer in its mouth in the US in 1937.

2. A young girl from Japan with live snakes all on her and in her mouth in 1928.

3. A man riding a pig at Wingfield’s Menagerie, Ampthill, England, in 1903.

4. A promotional picture from the film Phantom of the Opera in 1925.

5. A child seat on a bicycle in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1925.

6. A test to determine the effects of smoking using beagles in the US in 1940.

7. A Selknam man doing the Spirit of Hain Ceremony on the island of Tierra Del Fuego, Chile in 1923.

8. A man shows off the skulls of men he killed in Borneo, Indonesia in 1900. Tribes of the area would take the heads of enemies as trophies. Once the heads began to rot, they would clean them down to skulls and decorate them.

9. A man dressed as Santa greets excited children in Helsinki, Finland in 1930.

10. A woman known as Knife Girl performs at a carnival in the US in 1948.

11. A Shaman from a local tribe in Alaska in 1905.

12. The wife of a knife thrower stands still during a performance in the US in 1931.

13. Actor Feodor Chaliapin in costume for a play in Moscow, Russia in 1908.

14. Police officers physically force a woman to get her mugshot taken in NYC, US in 1890.

15. The execution of captured men after the Boxer Rebellion failed in China in 1902.

16. A woman put in a sealed box with 1 small hole for the punishment of adultery in Mongolia in 1913. The sentence is actually death, as she will stop being fed or given water and slowly die of thirst in the hot box under the sun.

17. A man demonstrates a device that gives electric currents to stimulate muscles in the US in 1907.

18. Double amputees and veterans of the Korean War demonstrate experimental prosthetic legs in South Korean in 1955.

19. A man creating a “lifelike” bust of a woman in Wisconsin, US in 1896.

20. A woman doing a therapy known as Horn Cupping in Finland in 1930.

21. Pablo Noel puts his head in a lions mouth in Hamburg, Germany in 1962.

22. A boy from the Yamana tribe in Argentina in 1925.

23. A device to treat a broken jaw in France in 1890.

24. The tribe Kufulo performing for a funeral in Côte d’Ivoire in 1968.

25. A contortionist from the US in 1920.

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