25 Fascinating Historical Photos For Those Who Enjoy The Past

A man without a foot begs on the streets of Vienna, Austria in 1911.

A car sits on fire while other racers continue to race during the Belgian Grand Prix in 1962. The driver escaped with minor wounds.

A man sells live crabs at a market in Italy, 1950.

A special armored car used by the Anarchists during the Spanish Civil War in 1938.

Female students relax in their dorm room at the University of Chicago, US in 1951.

A model sits in the Cadillac Cyclone in Detroit, US in 1959. This was a concept car built and shown off but never went into production.

Vendors selling goods on the streets of Saigon, Vietnam in 1890.

An acrobatic troupe in Madagascar, 1900.

Fans begin to break through police lines to try and see the Beatles who were receiving the Member of the British Empire (MBE) from the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London, England in 1965.

A man wears a wooden ‘cangue’ around his neck as he is being punished by starvation for a crime in Shanghai, China in 1874. Depending on the severity of the crime, this could be a death sentence. It is unknown what happened to him.

Kids playing with a small oil derrick they made outside Houston, TX, US in 1922.

Workers building the wall to a hut with stone in Korea, 1909.

A family plays on a unique four person homemade swing in Finland, 1954.

People walk through flooded streets to go about their daily lives in Yokohama, Japan in 1908.

Models pose for a picture in Moscow, USSR in 1965.

Mules move special structures designed to pick walnuts in Whittier, CA, US in 1903.

Young boys work as baggage handlers at a train station in New South Wales, Australia in 1936.

A visibly shaken man sits on the curb in Valdivia, Chile after a massive earthquake rocked the city and much of the country, killing over 5,700 people in 1960.

The almost completed Titanic in Belfast Harbour, Ireland in 1911.

FBI agents and secretaries review files at the overflowing archive at the DC Armory in Washington DC, US in 1945. The archive collected over 23 million individual cards and over 10 million fingerprint records during WWII. At one point they were adding around 400,000 new cards every month.

US President Calvin Coolidge visiting Havana, Cuba in 1928.

Men playing cards on the streets of Berlin, Germany in 1904.

Tommy Russell (driving the first car on the left) shows off a row of Russell Motor Cars in Toronto, Canada in 1909. His company was the first successful Canadian car company.

Women ride bikes during the parade at the Soho Fair in London, England in 1958.

Hundreds of pictures of pinup girls line the walls of this bomber crews shack on Adak Island in the Aleutians in Alaska, US in 1943.

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