25 Historic Pics To Take You Back In Time –



1. How people used cabs, NYC, 1900


2. A young girl in London, 1906

3. Testing a helmet, 1912


4. Woman riding an autoped, the early motor scooter, 1916

5. People using triple-decker buses in Berlin, Germany, 1926

6. Berlin Zoo handler gives Roland, a 4,000 pound elephant seal, a snow bath, the 1930s


7. People watching a television set for the first time at Waterloo Station, London, 1936

8. 4 skiers sunbathe in the snow in Sun Valley, Idaho,1946

9. Teenagers dancing and socializing at a party, 1947


10. Fashionistas back in the day, Los Angeles, 1950s

11. Teen at age 16 with his new guitar, 1956, Greenwood, Mississippi

12. Listening to a record during music class, 1957


13. Doing the Twist, 1962.

14. Check-in time at Alaska Airlines, the early 1960s

15. Girl on a scooter, New York, 1964


16. Teenage meet-up on Main Street, Caldwell, Idaho, June-July 1941

17. Woman preparing on her wedding day, 1968

18. All-girl rock band in the 1960s


19. Late-night phone calls at the girls’ dorm, 1970

20. Before the smartphone, reading while shaving, 1977

21. Kids dressed for Halloween on a school bus, the 1980s


22. A nerd in the 1980s

23. Father finally beating Super Mario Bros. on Christmas night, 1988.

24. This mother is helping her son through a tough level in Super Mario Land on a Nintendo Gameboy in 1989.


25. Birthday, 1991. Long Island, New York



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