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25 Historical Events That Will Warp Your Perception Of History

25 Historical Events That Will Warp Your Perception Of History

George Washington Died In 1799. The First Dinosaur Fossil Was Discovered In 1824. George Washington Never Knew Dinosaurs Existed

Harriet The Tortoise, Who Died In 2006, Had Seen Charles Darwin In Person

Prisoners Arrived At Auschwitz Just Days After Mcdonald’s Was Founded (1940)

Swiss Women Got The Right To Vote The Same Year The U.S. Drove A Buggy On The Moon (1971)

Ecstasy Was Invented The Same Year The Titanic Sank (1912)

Nintendo Was Founded When Jack The Ripper Was Still On The Loose (1889)

NASA Was Exploring Space By The Time Scientists Could Agree On Plate Tectonics (1967)

The Fax Machine Was Invented The Same Year The First Wagon Crossed The Oregon Trail (1843)

Today’s Oldest Living Tree (A Bristlecone Pine) Was Already 1,000 Years Old When The Last Wooly Mammoth Died

Orville Wright Was Still Alive When Hiroshima And Nagasaki Were Bombed (1945)

Princess Diana And Mother Teresa Died Days Apart In 1997

Charlie Chaplin Died In 1977, The Same Year Apple Was Incorporated

Anne Frank And Martin Luther King Junior Were Born In The Same Year (1929)

By The Time The Pilgrims Made It To Plymouth Rock, There Was A ‘Palace Of The Governors’ In New Mexico

The First Underground Line In London Was Opened On January 10, 1863. At That Time, The Civil War Was Still Raging In The United States

The Brooklyn Bridge Was Being Built During The Battle Of Little Bighorn (1876)

Charlie Chaplin And Adolf Hitler Were Both Born In 1889. Interestingly, Chaplin Portrayed Hitler In The 1940 Satire “The Great Dictator”

Harvard University Didn’t Offer Calculus Classes For The First Few Years After The School Was Established… Because Calculus Hadn’t Been Invented Yet

The Last Known Widow Of A Civil War Vet, Maudie Hopkins (Seen Here At Her Lexa, Ark., Home In 2004 At 89 Years Old), Died In 2008. That’s The Same Year Barack Obama Won His First Presidential Election

Eiffel Tower Was Inaugurated In 1889 For The World’s Fair, Which Was The Same Year Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Was Painted

Microsoft Was Founded While Spain Was Still A Fascist Dictatorship (1975)

Buffalo Bill Cody Was Alive At The Same Time The Germans Were Bombing With Zeppelins (1916)

Artist Pablo Picasso Died In 1973, The Same Year Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” Was Released

Prince William And Kate Middleton Were Married On April 29, 2011, Just A Few Days Before Osama Bin Laden Was Killed

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