25 Impressive Things You Don’t See Everyday

This Albino alligator that doesn’t even look real.
“Squirrel decided to use my buddy’s car for pine cone storage.”
This cake knife comes with a match.
“My new keyboard has an ‘oops!’ key.”
A penny with no number
A cute albino Doberman
“I ordered something from China and it came wrapped in a kid’s homework.”
“We found some uncut pasta in our box tonight.”
This fancy stop sign
This pen with a maze inside of it
“My fiancé found a spine on the beach today.”
“My mom found my old McDonald’s food toys that turned into robots.”
“This baby lizard has been using my laptop charger to keep warm.”
This t-shirt label has a bio of the person who sewed it.
“The bowl I used for painting with watercolors evaporated and left behind colorful salt crystals.”
“I found a wrinkled egg in my store-bought eggs.”
“I found an interesting picture of a plane in flight on Google images.”

“I found a blue crawfish at work today.”
There’s a tree growing out of this sign post.
The cup on the right was taken down to a depth of 350m.
This sideways spoon
“We found a forgotten classic Mercedes-Benz.”
“I pulled a weed and it unearthed a lost tennis ball.”
A small church model on top of a lamp
This grave has February 30th as a death day on it.
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