25 Interesting Historic Images To Take You Back In Time –




1. A Gas-Proofed Messenger Pigeon Box, Captured From a German Trench, 1918.

2. Italian police officers during the Red Brigades attack at the Christian Democracy headquarter in Piazza Nicosia, Rome, 1979.

3. Cameron Highlanders demonstrating how they form a square in the desert. Around the Battle of Atbara on 8th April 1898 in the Sudanese War.

4. Polar Exploration ship “Endurance”. Trapped by ice and lit by flares all of the crew survived, 1915.

5. Picketers march to repeal Prohibition, Minneapolis, MN, 1931.

6. Panzergrenadier of the 3rd SS Panzer Division during Operation Barbarossa, September 1941.

7. The Leg Beauty Contest. İstanbul, Turkey, 1971.

8. Austro-Hungarian soldiers leaving their trenches and charging Italian positions, Isonzo front, WW1, 1917.

9. Germans in Warshaw ghetto 1943.

10. The Seacoast Mortar called “The Dictator” at the Siege of Petersburg, 1864.

11. An American corporal aims a Colt M1895 machine gun atop a elephant, 1914.

12. Terra Nova expedition to the Antarctic South Pole. None would survive the journey, 1910.

13. Spiral casing for the 70k HP Niagara Falls turbine, being manufactured at the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, WI, ca 1922.

14. Colleen Moore, silent film actress posing for publicity picture, circa 1926.

15. Delaware Pillory and Whipping Post, multi level corporal punishment, circa 1890.

16. A metabolic study being conducted at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 1957.

17. Film director Sergei Eisenstein getting a shave on top of the Chrysler building, New York City, 1930.

18. Tanya, the Siamese elephant who performed on stage at Dunes Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, joins gamblers at a blackjack table in 1966.

19. The B-29 bomber ‘Enola Gay’ in Japan after bombing Hiroshima, 1945.

20. Japanese troops fire a Type 92 heavy machine gun, China, 1944.

21. Korean military policemen with captured Japanese Type 92 machine gun, Seoul, Korea, late 1940s.

22. JFK visiting cork Ireland, 28th June 1963.

23. Gardijska brigada “Termites” Operation Oluja, Homeland war. 5.8.1995.

24. The USS Arizona (BB-39) in New York during sea trials, December, 1918.

25. Marilyn Monroe and a Mountie in Banff, BC in 1953.


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