1. A young Boy watches Martin Luther King Jr give his “I have a dream” speech, Aug. 28, 1963

2. German He-162 Volksjger on public display after the war in Hyde Park London England. (1945)

3. Japanese soldiers surrendering to U.S. soldiers, Marshall Islands, 1944

4. Guy watching porn, circa 1920s

5. Pink Floyd concert in Venice, Italy. 1989

6. Prison guards and prisoners in the Emirate of Bukhara, modern Uzbekistan. 1907.

7. Buzz Aldrin, first self portrait in space. 1966.

8. Ku Klux Klan members enjoying a carnival in Canon City, Colorado. (1926).

9. A guard of honor passes out as Queen Elizabeth II rides past during the trooping the color parade, 1970

10. The June 12 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, three days before the much larger eruption on June 15, 1991.

11. RMS Titanic’s lifeboats being recovered in New York, April 1912

12. Children playing with a toy guillotine, France

13. Winston Churchill at the Siege of Sidney Street, London. 1911.

14. Surfers, 1922 USA

15. The world’s first in-flight movie. Passengers onboard this Imperial Airways flight between London and Paris in April 1925 were treated to ‘The Lost World’.

16. Author Pauline Réage (aka Anne Desclos) wearing a hood to hide her identity while accepting the literary award Le Prix des Deux Magots for her controversial erotic novel “The Story of O”, Paris, 1955

17. Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923

18. The Paramount Pictures logo on the day it was originally created, 1965

19. Cult leader Jim Jones, back when he was selling spider monkeys, circa 1953. 25 years later he would be responsible for the death of over 900 people.

20. “Miracle Kitchen of the Future” by RCA-Whirlpool, American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959

21. The world’s last commercial sailing ship – The Pamir – rounding Cape Horn, 1949

22. Ronald Reagan campaigning as a gubernatorial candidate, flanked by a young protester, 1966

23. In a surreal moment at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the United States flag flies alongside the flag of Nazi Germany and the Hinomaru (flag of Japan)

24. Servicemen, reporters, and photographers onboard the USS Missouri which would accept the formal surrender of Japanese Emperor Hirohito. September 2, 1945

25. JFK & Bill Clinton greeting at the White House, in 1963.

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