1. Wilfred Dietrich throwing Chris Taylor at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany

2. Japanese man holding his newly adquired PS2 in Launch Day in Japan, March 4, 2000

3. Photo of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of the Terminator. 1984

4. IL-2 Sturmovik plane, 1944, somewhere in Ukraine

5. Cuban militiamen preparing to repel a US-backed invasion force. 1961.

6. The Santa Giustina Dam under construction, 1949

7. Encarnita Alcaraz, Spanish Ballarina posing Nude before a Biplane Propeller. 1925

8. Aerial view of Mr. Shishaldin, the highest peak in the Aleutian Island chains in Alaska. Taken during an aerial survey of the Aleutian Islands in 1932.

9. On the beach, Várna, 1963.

10. Two attack aircrafts Buccaner S.1 fly over HMS Eagle(1964 – 1966)

11. Soviet soldiers raises soviet flag over the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany. 1945

12. Policemen in Seattle, WA wearing masks made by the Seattle Chapter of the Red Cross during the Spanish influenza epidemic, 1918.

13. Recovery Personnel checking out Mercury Atlas 8 capsule 1962

14. Adolf Hitler after the assassination attempt on July 20th, 1944

15. The Hollywood Sign before it was replaced, USA, 1978

16. The luxuries of flying in the past as shown here in this Qantas Airways 747 upper deck in 1971

17. Panama Canal Construction – A worker stands in one of the canal locks, 1912

18. Test Pilot George Aird flying an English Electric Lightning F1 ejected from his plane at only about 100 feet, 1962.

19. Chinese border guards demonstrate a broken helmet of Soviet border guards. The Sino-Soviet border conflict. Damansky(Zhenbao) Island (March 17, 1969)

20. The Queen leaving a Hawker Siddeley Andover whilst visiting RAF Thorney Island 1964

21. A space chimp posing to camera after a successful mission to space, 1961.

22. 18th March 1944, the last eruption of Vesuvius volcano in Naples, Italy.

23. Four Austro-Hungarian battleships (2 dreadnoughts and 2 pre-dreadnought types) steaming in formation somewhere in Adriatic, WW1, c.1917/1918

24. A Red Cross Nurse Demonstrates how to put on a Mask during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, Boston, 1918

25. “Mondine” (rice paddy workers) in the rice fields near Modena, Italy, late 1940s

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