1. “I have a pair of moles, that look like an eyebrow piercing.”

2. “The oldest thing that you can touch – Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London.”

3. “My Tic Tacs matched my Post-it.”

4. “This hidden sloth on my Brew Dr kombucha.”

5. “Local library made this snowman out of books.”

6. “My beer has a tree in it.”

7. “My spatula has a little stand so it doesn’t touch the counter.”

8. “My great grandpa’s hand forged spoon he made 100 years ago.”

9. “This rock i found while hiking that looks like a slice of pizza.”

10. “My dads little metal detecting museum.”

11. “The face inside the margarine container…”

12. “This warning on a lead brick.”

13. “There’s a dead bug under the printing on this Target t-shirt.”

14. “The way the water wore away the cement top layer…”

15. “This Minnesota Judicial Branch pencil with an eraser shaped like a gavel.”

16. “This radio I found in my attic is built to resemble a Coca Cola vending machine.”

17. Carved Ox Skull.

18. Mini apple pie.

19. “The town we vacationed in has red street lights to not mess with the wildlife.”

20. “The snow hitting the windshield looks like hyperspace.”

21. “This looks like Mike Wazowski.”

22. “This plates light reflection looks like a UFO.”

23. “Over her 1 year of life, the spots on our Dalmatian puppy have expanded.”

24. “These napping pods offered by JetBlue at JFK airport.”

25. “My dog tore open his Yoda plush toy and the squeaker inside is a heart.”

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