1. “Apollo 11 original flight plans, given to me by my grandpa.”

2. A hand of a koala.

3. “My city puts miniature models of rooms in the ground as bricks.”


4. “The way my company’s cooling system becomes giant LEGO bricks in the snow.”

5. “I passed an erupting volcano on my flight yesterday.”

6. “A Japanese rifle my great-grandfather brought back with him after serving in New Guinea in WWII.”


7. “This archaeological wall of engravings I found while hiking.”

8. “This old 7up can I found in the attic of my new house.”

9. “Apparently Tesla has hearses.”


10. “I made the back glass cover of my Pixel 3 transparent.”

11. “I cashed a check and the bank gave me 3 generations of the $100 bill.”

12. “My dad 3D printed a lever to replace his light switch.”


13. “This elevator has a shuffle button.”

14. “The snow on my shed is forming a wave as it slowly slips off.”

15. “Scented and unscented soap in a nice restaurants bathroom.”


16. “These bollards outside a school shaped like pencils.”

17. “The piping in this electrical room looks like the old windows screensaver.”

18. “The floor at my work is tiled with 3k work of pennies.”


19. “This game store is a converted bank.”

20. “The crosswalks at the biotech campus where I work are double helixes.”

21. “This Uber’s reminder/service card is fallout themed.”


22. “This burnt cheese looks like a penguin.”

23. “My leggings matched the gym floor.”

24. “Dry cleaner returned my cash.”



25. “This case with 1 million dollars in $20 bills at the Chicago Fed Money Museum.”

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