1. That is a HUGE shroom.


2. “The securing notch on my egg carton lid looks like the chickens wing.”


3. “Bought 2 different sizes of shoes, but the boxes align perfectly with one another.”



4. “Miniature traffic playground in Copenhagen where kids learn to bike in traffic.”


5. “I found this stick and it looks like a katana in the shadows”


6. “The cookie I bit into looks like a chocolatey stoplight.”



7. When lightning hits a sidewalk.


8. “How this pine tree grew around the palm tree.”


9. “This mini campsite night light I made for my son.”



10. “My dads uranium glass collection.”


11. “A table made for Cyclists to dine-in while riding their bike. In the Philippines.”


12. “Rainbow in front of my house looks like another planet.”

13. “These restaurant kids meal crayons with flat edges to prevent rolling off the table.”


14. “I saw this Mario Kart themed RV at Dairy Queen.”


15. “A hummingbird chilled on my phone today.”




16. A lowercase stop sign.


17. The tread on these funky thrift store shoes.


18. “My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfectly nose shaped mark behind.”



19. “This place used to be a Mexican restaurant called Tacos, but when they sold, the new owner didn’t want to buy a whole new sign, so they named the new business coasT.”


20. A creative business card.




21. “Cut in half to find a completely uniform and barren bell pepper.”



22. The way the umbrellas reflect in the windshields.


23. “I made a tissue box holder that looks like a crate of records.”


24. “This music CD has fake pizza stains on the case to go along with it’s pizza theme.”



25. “Found an arrowhead in a dried up stream!”

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