Don’t you just hate it when you are 100% certain that some fact or commonly held belief is true only to find out years later it isn’t? Well hang on to your britches because we are about to give you 25 misconceptions that most people believe to be true, but sadly are not. While some of these are may have some truth in them, it’s probably less than you thought. So from the true inventor of the light bulb to a commonly held misconception concerning Mac books, these are 25 Misconceptions Everyone Wants You To Believe.


Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Flush toilets were actually used in the Indus Valley Civilization as early as the 26th century BC


Thomas Edison invented the light bulb


Source: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

There were actually more than 20 inventors who invented the incandescent lightbulb before Thomas Edison.


The sun is yellow


Source: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

If you saw the sun without the interference of our atmosphere you’d realize that it’s actually white.


If the sun turned into a black hole we would all get sucked in

black hole

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

If the sun turned into a black hole the orbits of the planets would mostly be unaffected because black holes don’t automatically just suck everything in. The sun’s gravity would continue working as it does now except that at really close distances you would not be able to escape its pull.


Einstein failed math


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Not even close. He aced math. In fact, he was a pro at calculus and differential equations before he even turned 15. The rumor most likely started because he failed his first attempt on the entrance exam for the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. Keep in mind, however, that he was two years younger than everyone else. And oh yea, he definitely passed the math section with flying colors.


The accused at the Salem Witch Trials were burned at the stake

salem witch trials

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

15 died in prison, 19 were hanged, and 1 was pressed to death. Exactly 0 were burned.


People thought the Earth was flat during the Middle Ages


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Ever since the times of Plato and Aristotle, which was almost 300 years BC, have people known that the Earth is in fact a sphere.


The blood in your veins is blue


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Yes, people do actually believe this, just ask your friends. And no, deoxygenated blood is more like a really, really dark red.


The Earth revolves around the Sun


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Actually, the Earth is revolving around the solar system’s center of mass. Its technical name is the barycenter.


Daddy long legs are the most venomous spider but the shape of their mandibles renders them incapable of biting humans

daddy long legs

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Daddy long legs are in fact capable of piercing human skin but they are not very venomous at all. The venom will cause a slight burning sensation at worst.


Gum takes 7 years to digest


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

You can’t digest gum. It just passes through your body.


Fortune cookies were invented by the Chinese…or maybe the Americans

fortune cookies

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It was neither. Fortune cookies were brought to the US by the Japanese.


Henry Ford invented the automobile and the assembly line


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He invented neither. Karl Benz is typically considered the inventor of the modern car and the assembly line had been around for a while already. Henry Ford just pulled a Thomas Edison and improved everything enough that people wanted to buy it.


People with photographic memories remember things as though they are a picture


Source: wikipedia, Image: pexels.com

If you’re friend ever tells you that he or she has a photographic memory then chances are that they are either lying or exaggerating. There is no evidence to prove the existence of photographic or eidetic memories. They’re just really good at using mnemonic devices.


Planes eject their toilet waste into the air


Source: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

They don’t. At least not intentionally. Older passenger trains on the other hand have typically flushed directly onto the tracks.


Sunflowers always face the sun


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In a way this is true…but only before the flower heads are open! After that they face east all day long.


Eating sugar gives you a blast of energy…sugar rush!


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

While eating any food will cause you to have a spike in energy, according to scientists the mythical “sugar rush” is just a placebo effect. It’s like the high school kid who feels a little buzz from drinking and acts as if they’re totally wasted.


Each side of your brain has a different function (language, math, etc)


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This is a classic belief in “pop” psychology. Both sides of your brain do everything to some extent. Of course, certain functions may be more represented on one side, but even this varies from person to person.


Chameleons blend in with their surroundings


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Chameleons only change color to communicate. It has nothing to do with their surroundings.


People that are drowning wave their hands and struggle


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Someone could drown 2 feet from you and you would never know it. In fact, people often mistake drownings for someone just playing in the water. Time to learn about the instinctive drowning response. You could save a life.


Macs don’t get viruses


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Yes they do, it’s just that there aren’t a lot of people making viruses for them because not many people have macs.


Poinsettias are super toxic to humans


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

While they can cause mild irritation to the skin or stomach, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers there are no recorded fatalities with regards to poinsettias.


Oranges (the fruit) were named after orange (the color)


Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It was the other way around. In fact, several hundred years ago orange was seen as a shade of red.


There was widespread panic when War of the Worlds was played on the radio in 1938 because people thought Martians were actually invading

war of the worlds

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Nobody thought Martians were invading but the newspapers blew a few isolated incidents out of proportion…as usual.


People died really young during the Middle Ages

middle ages

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The average life expectancy was around 30 but that was largely caused by high infant mortality. People who made it to the age of 21 had a life expectancy of 64.


25 Misconceptions Everyone Wants You To Believe


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