1. Scientists have found fungus that uses of gamma radiation as its energy source in Chernobyl’s nuclear remains. – Source

2. Since the 19th century, western music has had a ‘Pitch Shift’. In effect, a C in Mozart’s day was half of a semitone lower than what a C is today and all music today is sharper than how several composers wrote it. – Source

3. Between 1970 and 1973, four Israeli fighter pilots translated The Hobbit from English to Hebrew to pass the time in an Egyptian prison, where they were held as POWs. Their translated book was published commercially in 1977 and up until 2012 was considered the best Hebrew version of the book. – Source

4. Companies use Elmer’s Glue as milk in cereal commercials, so that the cereal won’t look soggy, and so that they can strategically place the cereal in the bowl. – Source

5. Between 1993-98, a majority of US Senators were trading stocks and beating the market by 12 percentage points a year on average. By comparison, corporate insiders beat the market by just 5 percent, and typical households underperformed by 1.4 percent. – Source

6. The center star of Orion’s sword isn’t a star; it’s the Orion Nebula and is the only nebula visible from Earth with the naked eye. – Source

7. In 2001, a man died of complications from the injuries caused by a gunfire in 1966. His death was ruled a homicide, despite it occurring 35 years after the death of the shooter. – Source

8. Women can attain orgasm by exercising the abdominal muscles. This is commonly referred to as a “Coregasm” – Source

9. The inventor of the television didn’t let his own children watch TV. He once said to his son “There’s nothing on it worthwhile, and we’re not going to watch it in this household, and I don’t want it in your intellectual diet.” – Philo T Farnsworth – Source

10. There is a permanent underwater laboratory called Aquarius that is owned by NOAA, but used by NASA to study how people handle extreme living conditions. Residents are referred to as “aquanauts”. – Source

11. King Tutankhamun’s dagger was made of meteoric iron – Source

12. There are 7 people surviving from the 1800s. – Source

13. Rugby was so popular in South Africa that in 1902 there was a temporary ceasefire in the Second Boer War so that a game could be played between British and Boer forces (Afrikaners). – Source

14. The V-2 rocket in WW2 killed more people during production than as a weapon. 12,000 forced workers died making them while 9,000 died from the attacks. – Source

15. In 2012, a gang in Czech Republic stole a 10 ton metal bridge to sell for scrap metal – Source


16. There was a Swan nicknamed ‘Hannibal’, who killed and injured other Swans. If any new Swans were to enter his pond, he would fight them off, often hold their heads under the water to kill them. Any Swans attempting to leave the pond would have their feet ‘Smashed to smithereens’. – Source

17. Abraham Lincoln signed legislation that created the Secret Service hours before he was assassinated. – Source

18. Morbidly obese people who are too big for MRI machines at hospitals are sent to SeaWorld to image them using machines designed for zoo animals. – Source

19. In 1996, McDonalds attempted to introduce a hamburger called the “Arch Deluxe,” a higher-end burger marketed specifically to adults. It was released with one of the most expensive advertising campaigns to date, and was a complete failure. – Source

20. Futurama will return one last time in a Simpsons crossover event. – Source

21. An artist named Pierre Brassau exhibited a series of paintings in 1964 to critical acclaim. However, “Pierre Brassau” was in fact a chimpanzee. Even after the hoax was revealed, a critic declared that the chimp’s painting was still the best in the exhibition. – Source

22. A sheep once gave birth to a human-faced lamb in Turkey – (warning the source is a little graphic – Source)

23. The deepest gold mine in North America is located in Quebec, Canada. The deepest shaft of the mine reaches over 2.48 miles (4 kilometers) underground and is predicted to be able to access over 12.5 million ounces of gold. – Source

24. James D. French was an American murderer, who was put to death in 1966 by the electric chair. His last words were: “How’s this for your headline? ‘French Fries’”. – Source

25. One of the perks of being an Oscar-winner is that you can have your Oscar repaired for free by the Academy. – Source


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