1. If sugar gliders are deprived of social interaction, they can become so sad that they can die – Source

2. During the outbreak of World War II, London Zoo killed all their venomous animals in case the zoo was bombed and the animals escaped. – Source

3. Coolio regretted giving Weird Al a hard time about “Amish Paradise,” and feels “that was one of the dumbest things I did in my career.” – Source

4. Douglas Adams came up with the idea for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy while lying drunk in a field holding a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Europe. – Source

5. After the 2003 film ‘The Cat in the Hat’ was released and was panned by critics, the widow of Dr. Seuss vowed to never allow his work to be adapted in live action again. – Source

6. While Beijing’s pollution problem is more televised, New Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. – Source

7. Back when the New York City Subway used tokens, people called “token suckers” would jam token slots with paper and suck out stuck tokens with their mouths. To prevent this, some attendants used to sprinkle chili powder into the slots. – Source

8. The town of Lauderhill, Florida was supposed to present actor James Earl Jones with a plaque for their annual Martin Luther King celebration. The company in charge of making it printed the name “James Earl Ray” on it. James Earl Ray was the man who killed Martin Luther King. – Source

9. When 19 Baboons from Paris Zoo were sent to a national park in England, they were unable to understand English commands. They were fully cognitive of French words, forcing their English keepers to learn French. – Source

10. Serial rapist Andrew Luster fled to Mexico to avoid sentencing, and was brought to justice only after he was illegally kidnapped and brought back to the border. His kidnapper was Duane Chapman a.k.a. Dog The Bounty Hunter – Source

11. A Cambodian doctor named Haing Ngor survived four years of genocide under the Khmer Rouge pretending to be uneducated. After moving to America, he starred in a movie, acting as a man faking stupidity to survive the Khmer Rouge and he won an Oscar for it. – Source

12. Theodore Roosevelt was against the phrase “In God We Trust” on currency as he considered it sacrilegious. – Source

13. Clarence Nash, the voice of Donald Duck for 50 years, voiced Donald’s voice in all foreign languages the Disney shorts were translated to (with the aid of the phonetic alphabet), in order to keep Donald’s voice consistent throughout the world. – Source

14. The most valuable vinyl record of all time is not a rare recording, but a plain, off the shelf, version of Double Fantasy by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It’s worth half a million dollars because John Lennon signed the cover for Mark David Chapman five hours before Chapman murdered Lennon. – Source

15. When OutKast sang “Shake it like a Polaroid picture,” Polaroid released a statement that said, “Shaking or waving can actually damage the image.” – Source



16. The Cheyenne chief Black Kettle, a major advocate for peace and coexistence between white settlers and Native Americans, was twice attacked by American troops despite explicit agreements of non-hostility, resulting in death and mutilation of him and at least two hundred Cheyenne villagers. – Source

17. Not a single black artist had a Billboard No.1 single in 2013, first time this has happened in 55 years. – Source

18. The first Tour de France winner was disqualified because he cheated by taking the train. – Source

19. In 1890’s, George Stratton, an American psychologist, wore inverted lenses to prove that brain adapts, and by the fifth day his brain started turning all the images upside down, so he would see the world normally. – Source

20. In 2013, a bank worker in Germany fell asleep on his keyboard, with the number ‘2’ key pressed, causing him to transfer 222,222,222 euros on a transfer that should’ve been worth only 62 euros. A co-worker was later sacked for not spotting the error. – Source

21. Michael Keaton was so against Batman Forever, that even $15 million couldn’t sway him to reprise his role. – Source

22. Mission Control acknowledged a thousand year old Chinese myth when it asked the Apollo 11 crew to keep an eye out for a beautiful Chinese girl named Chang-O who lived on the moon and a large rabbit standing in the shade of a cinnamon tree. – Source

23. A UK teenager secretly painted a penis on top of his house, and was caught over a year later when his parents looked at their house on Google Earth. – Source

24. When Walter Washington, the first mayor of Washington D.C. and first black mayor of major US city, sent his proposed budget to congress, Democratic Representative John L. McMillan sent a truckload of watermelons to his office in response. – Source

25. Instead of donating money to the New York Food Bank, Toyota offered kaizen, a Japanese word meaning “continuous improvement”. Toyota sent its engineers to the soup kitchen and reduced wait time from 90 to 18 minutes. – Source

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