25 Must-See Photos Of A Young Jennifer Aniston


When Friends debuted in 1994, it took a group of largely unknown actors and turned them into international superstars. Of the six main actors, Jennifer Aniston has managed to become the biggest star in a group that also includes Lisa Kudrow,Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox. Due in large part to her likable energy, we’d be kidding ourselves (and you) if we tried to pretend that the popularity that turned her into a movie star were unrelated to her looks. A gorgeous woman, who has a history of taking on sexually provocative roles, such as in Horrible Bosses andWe’re the Millers, she has flaunted her figure in the past. Someone who totally deserves to take complete pride in the body she has clearly worked hard to cultivate, we totally support any inclination she has to show it off now. Still, we think that there are some photos from earlier in her career that deserve more credit and as a result, set out to put together this list.

In order for a photo to be considered for this list, it needs to have been taken in the year 2004 or earlier. Jennifer turned thirty- five that year and this list is focused on photos of her at an early age, so we’re making that our cut-off. We are also open to screengrabs from her work as an actress, as in many cases images of actors working become their longest-lasting looks in the pop culture world.

25. Hints


A photo taken for Esquire Magazine in 2002 by Peggy Sirota, it instantly grabs your attention on a lot of levels. Imparting a more natural image of the actress that is often seen entirely made up and fussed over, we absolutely love the fact that she looks low maintenance. Of course, we realize that in all likelihood there was still a large group of professionals working tirelessly to make us think she looks like this in her regular state, but at first look our minds are tricked and pleased. Add in the fact that the exact placement of her clothes hints at the body underneath and we’re totally sold. Wondering what we’re talking about? It appears as though her top is slightly see through, even though we see zero hints of her nipple, and a slight bit of her panties are visible. We’d love to see what lies underneath but are happy to imagine it all as this photo invites us to.

24. Divas Live


We can’t say that we’re entirely certain why Jennifer appeared onstage during the VH1 program Divas Live in 1998, but if we were that show’s producers we may have invited her just the same. A show that featured such incredible songstresses as Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Shania Twain and Mariah Carey, if they were, in fact, divas, we’re guessing they didn’t appreciate being upstaged. Wearing a pretty simple ensemble that on another woman may have come off as nothing special, when worn by a looker the caliber of Jennifer Aniston, this outfit becomes a masterpiece. Sporting a sultry look that screams the confidence that looking that good has to lend you, the look on her face may be our favorite part of the photo, which is really saying something.

23. Low Cut and Great


We tried and we tried but we couldn’t find out what event this photo was taken at, but we do know a few things; Jennifer seems to be on a stage of some sort and we’re guessing that she is bending down to smack the hands of crowd members who were lucky enough to be present. Additionally, her white, low-cut dress is giving us a view that is simply spectacular, and that those jerks who got a view in real-life will probably never forget this moment in their life. Wherever this photo was shot, we would like to thank the internet gods that it hasn’t disappeared and thus has given us this opportunity to share it with you. You’re welcome.

22. Statuesque


When looking for photos of this popular actress in her younger days, there is one that pops up again and again, and seems to be the go-to when many people picture her at a younger age. While you are likely to remember this from the old days of the internet, that in no way takes away from the majesty that is this photo. Looking good enough to be saved for all time, in the days of yore, this image could have seemed right at home on a statue standing high above the masses. Still, she not only looks as though she is a beauty far greater than most here, but there is something about the look on her face that comes off as human and sexy in equal measure.

21. Friends “Dress”


An image taken from the fourth season of Friends, in this classic moment, Rachel goes on a date with a man she has had her eye on for a long while. Going back to his parent’s home while they are on vacation (don’t worry he is a grown man, he is just watching their place for them), she believes that this will be the moment that they will finally get together. When her date leaves the room for a moment, she decides to surprise him upon his return and undresses to this fantastic piece of lingerie which she regrets when he returns with his folks who came home early. A memorable episode for any folks who are attracted to women and saw it in the teen years, we wouldn’t be surprised in the least if you remember virtually every moment of it. The craziest part of it all, she wore this outfit, which leaves little to the imagination, on national television.

20. Barely Covered


A photo that looks as though it comes from the dying days of the Rachel haircut, this stark black and white photo looks vaguely artistic but we’d be lying if we pretended that was what we liked about it. Come on, we all know the beauty of the snap is the fact that as far as we can tell, the actress is wearing absolutely nothing. Sure, we all know deep down inside that she may have some kind of covering that is obscured by her knees and arms but let’s not be jerks to one another and agree that isn’t the case. Instead, let’s bask in the idea that her limbs are the only thing that is stopping us from seeing her in all the glory that is her nude body.

19. Lovely Legs


There are a lot of things about Jennifer’s body that has received a lot of attention over the years. Her boobs, of course, are usually front and center, and the obvious near-perfection that is her face, which is often focused upon, but the lower half of her body doesn’t receive the credit it deserves. Don’t agree with us? If you think or say that while looking at this photo of her from Friends while wearing long socks and a skirt, then there must be something wrong with your eyes. Revealing a large portion of her smooth and long legs, whoever it was that was in charge of wardrobe for the show knew exactly what they were doing.

18. Very Deserving


A photo that was included in the May 2004 issue of People Magazine, it was a part of the publication in which Jennifer was named one of the most beautiful people alive. Who are we to disagree? If they wanted to make sure that the photos they included in the magazine backed up their decision, they did so perfectly. Dressed far more casually than the way we usually see her, this image gives off a more intimate feel than the one we typically get from photos of her. As a result, it makes it seem like she is not only a perfect companion to have on your arm when walking a red carpet, but is pleasant to wake up to each day. What could be better?

17. Delightful Dinner


A screengrab taken from the film Bruce Almighty, Jennifer’s character looks either shocked or upset in some fashion but we still imagine a dinner with her as nearly impossible to dislike. Dating a man who has been given the abilities of the Lord almighty may be a tumultuous situation for anyone, which makes the look on her face understandable, but don’t worry, of course, there is a happy ending. Wearing a dress that is showing a little bit of her bra and cleavage, her character must have known how difficult it would be to keep her gaze as a result.

16. Overalls


This photo may just be the one on this list where Jennifer is wearing the most clothes on her body but it proves that showing off a lot of flesh isn’t necessary when it comes to being sexy. Throw in the fact that she is wearing overalls, one of the historically least sexy pieces of clothing ever designed, and it seems nearly impossible that she pulls off the look so completely. For us, it is the combination of the fact that she looks like she is in the opening phases of taking off her bottoms and the knowing smile on her face that gets us going. When you then also consider the fact that her shirt is tight and clinging to her chest, you’ll know exactly why this photo is such a good fit here.

15. Emmy Gold


A photo taken on the red carpet at the 2003 Emmy Awards, where Jennifer was up for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award, she may have stayed in her seat but she was the real winner. After all, Debra Messing may have taken home the award, and we applaud her for her effort, but it was Ms. Aniston who truly turned heads. Looking absolutely marvelous in a blue dress that shows off ample cleavage, her makeup and jewelry are also totally on point. In short, we could barely take our eyes off this photo but considering the other gold she provided us for this list we didn’t regret moving on.

14. Open Shirt


Another photo that appeared in a magazine (spoiler: most of this list originated in that fashion), this time around we chose a picture from the October 1998 issue of US Weekly. Part of a photoshoot that was taken in nature, Jennifer again goes for a more dressed down look and yet again it is the way her clothes cling to her body that made us include it here. Sitting on a swing and wearing what seems to be skin tight daisy duke shorts, those will always get people going, especially those who recall the glory days of Dukes of Hazzard. Of course, we have yet to bring up this image’s best attribute, the way her somewhat open shirt gives us a great view of her cleavage. Bringing to mind a beautiful summer’s day spent at the side of a gorgeous lady, this photo is simultaneously hot and welcoming.

13. Shadowy Beauty


Someone who is famous for her role on Friends and in several high profile films, it still remains true that one of Jennifer’s biggest impacts on pop culture is the hairdo she made famous. Known as ‘The Rachel’, she wore it during the early episodes of the show but probably because she didn’t care for it, as it was too much work for her to pull off without the aid of professionals, it didn’t stick around. One of two photos on this list where she is seen sporting her best-remembered look, it looks great but has little to do with why we chose this particular photo. Instead, it is the slight midriff-baring, tight white shirt, and the super sexy look in her eyes that we couldn’t resist. Absolutely smoldering despite only seeing one of her eyes, for the most part, looking at her should get the blood flowing in anyone viewing this photo.

12. Lingerie


Taken by Michael Thompson for an issue of W Magazine that came out in 2003, this photo is set up as the polar opposite of the first two ones you saw as part of this list. Wearing large earrings, silver eye makeup, and a pair of bracelets, there is a lot of trimming that could pull the focus away from this alluring actress. Of course, once you get a gander at her top (which appears to be a corset), none of the rest of that crap matters. Instead, our minds begin to imagine the likelihood that she is wearing nothing under her clothes and greatly enjoy the idea that so little stands between the camera and her topless body. While this moment in time is forever frozen and there is no possibility that her flesh will ever be further revealed, that doesn’t mean that the idea of how easily it could have happened is any less appealing.

11. Great Vantage


A screengrab from the 2004 romantic comedy film Along Came Polly that co-starred Ben Stiller, we totally understand if you hadn’t noticed his presence here until reading this line. A movie that has been mostly forgotten since it was released, despite making more than four times its budget, there were a lot of positives in the film that deserves to be remembered. First off, it contains one of the few purely comedic performances that late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman gave. Second, it is always fun to see Alec Baldwin do his thing in the comedy world, even if this film is not his best foray. Finally, Jennifer looks especially attractive in a lot of scenes, with this one, in particular, most standing out. The latter half of a date the main character, Ben Stiller, has with Jennifer’s character, we watch as the two go back to her apartment and things begin to look good for him. Of course, it is a comedy so things fall apart quickly but not before the movie’s standout image comes to pass. Lying on a bed together, we receive a titillating view of the actress’ rump in skin tight red shorts. What’s not to love about that?

10. Coming Of Age


A photo taken for inclusion in a 2004 issue of Vogue Magazine, the results are nothing short of magnificent. Taking a modern actor and putting her in the type of dress that reminds us of the type that was more regularly seen in the golden age of Hollywood, one thing is for certain, she looks incredibly alluring. A sleek dress that looks to be hugging her every curve, it looks like it is just begging to be touched and peeled off to reveal the view it is hiding from us. Additionally, Jennifer looks young but the old-timey image the dress brings to mind makes us think of her as an experienced woman who knows what she is doing and what she wants. In fact, the experience this photo makes so easy to imagine is the type of moment in someone’s life that is begging to inspire a coming of age film.

9. Yellow W


The second and final photo taken from the same W photoshoot from 2003 that gave us our twelfth entry, it is truly impressive that Michael Thompson was able to even outdo that entry. Still embracing a similar look, heavily made up and vaguely futuristic, this time around the photo is in color and an outrageous one at that. Wearing an extremely bright shade of yellow, it took us several seconds to even notice that her face was made up in the way that immediately caught our eye last time around. Meanwhile, the dress we previously wrote about is slit beautifully up the middle which gives us a gander at her cleavage and stomach and it even throws in a little bit of her leg at the bottom. A multi-tasking dress, to say the least, it may not work in every situation but while worn by a true beauty like this, it is an exercise in perfection.

8. Rolling Stone Midriff


One of two magazine covers we’re including as part of this list, it speaks to the skills of the photographers Rolling Stoneemploys that in both cases it is them that published them. In the case of this cover, it is Jennifer’s top and the way it reveals her sexy midriff that forced us to include it here. Wearing what appears to be extremely tight jeans that we’d love to get a look at from behind, we still wouldn’t trade that vantage point for the one we get here. We’re not quite clear if the pair of black straps that go around her stomach are attached to her top or not, we do however know that we love the effect that it has on the whole of the photo.

7. Flashing


Speaking of Rolling Stone magazine, it isn’t just their cover photos of Jennifer that we chose to include here. Taken years before the cover we’ve already featured, this photo from the March 1996 issue featured a whole lot fewer clothes. Wearing a trench coat of some sort that doesn’t even go down to the knees, it appears like she has no undies on. Sure, she is wearing a bra and a pair of high heel shoes but unless her hand is placed exactly where it needs to be to hide a piece of fabric, she has nothing covering her nether regions under there. People who flash people in public are criminals that should be ashamed of themselves considering their victims have every reason to feel violated as they had no intention of viewing a stranger’s naked body. Even still, we would have been perfectly happy to have her open her coat entirely if we walked in on this shoot.

6. Golden Globes 2004


A photo taken from the 2004 Golden Globes, the event is put together so the Hollywood Foreign Press can award celebrities with shiny gold statues for their achievements in television and film. For us, the sixty-first edition of the event will now forever be most memorable for what we’re all looking at here. An image of Ms. Aniston walking the red carpet in a black dress, it is cut down the middle of her chest and then held together by a strap that has a piece that looks like a belt buckle in the middle. Showing off an understated but great amount of cleavage, we love that choice. The fact that she appeared like this in public ups the ante exponentially, and earns a photo capturing her outfit a place here. Where’s Brad? Not there. Their divorce of 2005 was near.

5. Paparazzi Bikini


Paparazzi are people who take photos of celebrities wherever they go and as a group, they’ve got a reputation that has made them largely reviled. With that said, we’d be lying if we pretended that we didn’t sometimes enjoy the results of their work and this photo is a perfect example of why. Taken from the May 2004 edition of US Weekly, we learn that she was having a good bikini clad time with Jack Black, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.  Looking incredible in her swimwear, the fact that she looks this good when she is supposed to be having a private time with her pals is a testament to how attractive the actress actually is.

4. Barely There Shirt


A photo from the February issue of Allure published in 2004, this time around Jennifer’s torso is almost entirely on full display. Sure, we aren’t the biggest fan of her intense makeup that makes us think of sitcoms from our childhood where girls would try to apply it for the first time and way overdo it but we can forgive that. Well, as long as the rest of her makes up for it and there is no question that happens here. Wearing a top that covers up her breasts alone and looks to be held together by only a string that she has to hold tight, few people have been barely covered by less in a non ‘adult’ magazine. Also showing off her hips and midriff, this getup, or lack thereof, is the thing fantasies are made of.

3. Friends Green Dress


The second and last instance on this list where a screengrab from her acting career is featured on this list, we always knew that a particular moment from the show Friends was worthy of inclusion here. Taken from the second episode of the third season of the show, the story was all about Ross attempting to get the rest of the cast to get ready for an important event in his career. After his efforts thoroughly offended his girlfriend, Rachel who was played by Jennifer, she takes some cajoling to accompany him at all. Able to make her understand how important her presence is to him; his words motivate her enough that she dresses quickly in this awe-inspiring dress. Furthermore revealing that she is wearing nothing underneath it, many fans of the show were likely as blown away as we continue to be.

2. Lying Cleavage


The second photo taken from the 2004 issue of Vogue by Steven Meisel, this time around her dress seems more modern and even tighter. Lying on a couch in what could be the yard of a large home, like you do; gravity is in full effect which gives us a glorious amount of cleavage to salivate over. We could go on and on about the rest of the things she is wearing, such as her bracelets, shoes and rings, but we’re guessing you care as little about that as we do. Instead, let’s take another moment to pay homage to the perfect dress, angle, gravity and boobs coming together to make that cleavage possible.

1. Rolling Stone Legend


Alright, we promised a second Rolling Stone cover and of course, we were going to deliver. This time around, we went all the way back to a 1996 issue that featured the actress in the midst of her Friends success. Other than the acclaim she wore wherever she went at the time, Jennifer is wearing nothing at all as you can clearly see. A photo that was infamous for years after the fact and should go down in the annals of history, if they ever make a sexy magazine photo hall of fame this should be a first-ballot addition. As a result, when we put together this list of the must-see photos of a young Jennifer Aniston, our choice for the top spot was remarkably easy and unwavering even after we discovered more and more competition.


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