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25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

A contortionist in the US in 1937.


Nazi officers perform experiments by putting Jewish inmates in freezing cold water to study ways to protect against hypothermia in 1942.

A newspaper boy stands in front of a close theater during the Spanish Flu epidemic in England in 1918.

A couple with their dogs in New York State, US in 1902.

Firefighters showing all their different gear in Moscow, Russia in 1903.

A model shows off a special invention to help someone focus on reading a book in the US in 1940.

A son poses with his Kamikaze Pilot father in Japan in 1944.

A man being strapped into an electric chair in Addis Ababa prison in Ethiopia in 1950.

A kid eating a giant chocolate Easter egg in the US in 1930.

Kids playing with a bear in Ukta, Russia in 1954.

A man reads a book in a tree in Australia in 1900.

A young girl prepares to destroy a pinata in Mexico in 1929.

People show off the tattoos given to them during an amateur tattoo artist contest in France in 1950.

4 Women goof off wearing extremely large pants in the US in 1933.

A woman uses a bandage and fake smile to practice how to smile at the “Smile Club” in Budapest, Hungary in 1937. This club helped people suffering from depression who appeared suicidal.

Criminals locked up in special devices in China in 1890.

A woman uses a fruit mask as part of her beauty routine in the US in 1938.

A doctor examines a patient during an outbreak of plague in China in 1900.

A very poor child cries on the porch of his home in Ohio, US in 1908.

A promotional picture for the Canadian film “The Mask” in 1961.

2 Brothers goof off in Australia in 1940.

A childs Halloween costume in the US in 1948.

Police look for clues in a home of a man who accidentally hung himself during a BDSM sessions with his girlfriend in LA, US in 1952.

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