25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History –

1. A burlesque dancer holds her mask in front of her while in costume in France in 1909.

2. A man wears a chemical weapons protective suit in Russia in 1930.

3. A man watches a couple make out in Paris, France in 1954.

4. A woman disregards any threat and mows the lawn while a British soldier secures a position during The Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1973.

5. A man in an Easter bunny costume scares 2 children in the US in 1958.

6. American anthropologist Osa Johnson faces a group of Lumbwa (Kipsigi) young women wearing shrouds covering their faces in Kenya in 1925.

7. Women paint wax heads while a man films it in preparation for a new exhibit in Madame Tussauds ‘Chamber of Horrors’ in London, England in 1928

8. Priests march in a Catholic religious event in Montreal, Canada in 1935.

9. An acrobatic family in China in 1927.

10. A model sort of riding a thick dead sea plant in the US in 1955.

11. The swimming club in Brighton, England in 1863.

12. An inmate in an Insane Asylum in England in 1888.

13. A man dressed as Santa Claus looks over a sleeping girl in the US in 1901.

14. A witch doctor in Uganda in 1936.

15. A young girl holds a flag and a toy gun in the US in 1955.

16. A child in an orphanage for “incurables” in Romania in 1990.

17. A child stares down the camera man in a mining town in the US in 1911.

18. An advertisement for Dr. Clark’s Spinal Apparatus in 1878.

19. A couple pose with their doll collection in France in 1898.

20. A Wukari chief in West Africa in 1900.

21. A butcher shop in Wellington, New Zealand in 1910.

22. A child’s Easter bunny mask in the US in 1961.

23. A women with Dementia Precox (Schizophrenia) in the US in 1902.

24. 2 Performers become the 4 armed God Batara Guru or Shiva in Indonesia in 1937.

25. Drag queens in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1956.



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