25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

Creepy stuff from the history vault

A drag queen puts his fake breasts over his eyes in Paris, France in 1963.

An older flexible woman in the US in 1977.

A beauty mask for a magazine in the US in 1941

Ballerinas stretching in the US in 1928.

A float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1929.

A man dressed in a bear costume in Germany in 1950.

A picture of a child in a costume walking up the stairs in San Francisco, US in 1964.

A man in the US who claimed he killed bigfoot with this picture in 1967.

A crowd poses for the camera after a fatal car crash in the US in 1947.

A chimpanzee photographing swimsuit models in the US in 1965.

A nurse helps a patient with Jesus looking a little uncomfortable in Spain in 1934.

24 Year Old Wanda Klaff right before her execution for war crimes as a concentration camp guard in Poland in 1946.

A child with a blank stare gets her picture taken as she seeks help for her heavily lacerated finger after it was damaged in a card factory in 1916.

Nudists in New Jersey, US in 1924. Forget the naked people, check out that amazing portrait.

Women pose with an alligator killed in Florida, US in 1904.

A comfort area for European Ladies only in Calcutta, India in 1923.

An actress kisses a giant animal character in a play in Moscow in 1909.

A portrait of a girl in England in 1892. Although rare, some portraits of dead family members shortly after dying exist from England at this time, but on a picture like this, hard to know if that is the case.

A man wears a tribal mask in Cameroon in 1969.

A nurse fits a child with a respirator in England in 1943.

A kid in his Halloween costume holding his mask at his side in the US in 1930.

A father and son in Australia in 1949.

A dancer in Japan in 1938.

A boy confesses to a priest in Italy in 1959.

Nurses strap a patient into to a bath for hydrotherapy treatment in New York, US in 1937.

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