25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

Burlesque dancer Maxine Holman in her famous 2 character costume in the US in 1950.

Soldiers salute a skull and 2 mortars during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

A man from Norway hunting Puffins on the Faroe Islands in 1900.

People dressed as mythical characters for a play in the US in 1906.

A Tlingit medicine man in Alaska in 1905.

Ceremonial masks in Tibet in 1921.

The Mummies of Guanajuato before being displayed in a tourist museum for the first time in Mexico in 1969.

5 Goats doing a trick on ladders in Austria-Hungary in 1910.

The mirror and light accidentally creates a creepy smile from a man in West Virginia, US in 1952.

Women all wearing masks for a perfect body beauty contest in CA, US in 1947.

2 Officers watch alien characters for a film get into position in London, England in 1965.

Kanaga stilt masqueraders during the Dama ceremony in Sanga, Mali in 1978.

A Fakir has his assistant stand on a board of nails while he lies on another board of nails for a show in England in 1955.

A butcher shop in South Dakota, US in 1905.

Eva Carrière (bottom figure) with a “ghost” connected to her during a séance in France in 1912. She was a famous medium who eventually was exposed to have fake all her so called connections to the afterlife.

Whalers posing for a picture in the US in 1900.

A young girl gives one creepy look after bobbing for apples in the US in 1948.

British soldiers cross a small bridge in Belgium in 1916. This area used to be a thick forest instead of this ominous place of death

A man looks defiantly at the camera prior to his beheading for his part in the Boxer Rebellion in 1900.

A man in a Tumbuan mask and outfit for a ceremony in New Guinea in 1985.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer posing with a large snow bong he made in the US in 1982. He had already started murdering people and chopping them up and wearing their body parts when this picture was taken.

One of Arthur Tress’ pictures showing a child imagination in the US in 1963.

A worker removing extra skulls and bones from the Catacombes de Paris in France in 1890. The project cleaned up the Catacombes, removing entire rooms and hallways full of fallen bones and putting them back into their current positions, all stacked up high.

An abandoned horse looks for food in what is left of a heavily destroyed area of Stalingrad, Russia in 1942.

The characters from the hell scenes in Bill and Teds Bogus Journey pose for a picture in LA, US in 1991.

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