25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

1. Danny Ongais hits the wall in the third turn on the 64th lap of the Indianapolis 500 auto race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the US in 1981. He survived, but took a year to recover.

2. A special wedding headdress worn by a bride in Bulgaria in 1911.

3. Women getting their hair done in a beauty shop in London, England in 1926.

4. Patient Katharina Detzel showing of the man she built from her own bedding in a mental hospital in Ohio, US in 1910.

5. A man in a Donald Duck costume in Russia in 1957.

6. A Kwakiutl man looks at a smoked corpse used in rituals in Washington State, US in 1910.

7. A horse being lifted out of a mine in the US in 1896.

8. Nope, not a class picture but in fact all the mill workers in Fayettesville, Tennessee, US in 1910. The young girl in the front apparently had trouble remembering her own name.

9. Asara tribal warriors in their ceremonial masks in Papa New Guinea in 1970.

10. The Brewster Body Shield which could stop machine gun bullets made by the British in England in 1916.

11. A man wears a Juju suit in Namibia in 1912.

12. A toothbrush that looks like teeth in the US in 1941.

13. US sailors showing how to turn a bed matress into a life vest if needed in 1917.

14. 2 Women wear outfits for the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico in 1984.

15. Men wait to be publicly executed by the Japanese somewhere in China in the late 1930s.

16. An invention for people to get some sun without going outside in the US in 1925.

17. A women creates a trick call where it appears her headless body powers light bulbs in Australia in 1920.

18. A nurse shows how they used special gas masks for newborn babies in London, England in 1940.

19. A man shows off a bear costume for Carnival in Bielsa in Pyrenees, Spain sometime in the early 1900s.

20. An entrance to a circus show in France in 1920.

21. Performers pose for a promo picture for a production in Moscow, Russia in 1913.

22. Men wearing special outfits for the Kukeri celebration in Bulgaria in 1992.

23. A French soldier known only as The Human Serpent showing off his flexibility to other soldiers on the Front during WWI in France in 1915.

24. Experimental camouflage in England in 1917.

25. Paduag women from Burma showing their extended necks while resting during a visit to London, England in 1935.

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